Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alfons Mucha is neat.

I've been on a painting binge! Last week I mailed my newest painting to my sister in Hong Kong. Now that she's received it, I can share it with you. This project was a copy of Alfons Mucha's work.

Yes, I clipped it to the easel with a hair claw. Don't judge.

Alfons Mucha painted in the Art Nouveau style, and his work usually features fancy ladies with swirling hair festooned with flowers, diaphanous dresses, and dramatic poses. I love Mucha's work, but I also like simpler lines. Since Mucha's work is now in the public domain, I can copy it and change it to my liking, with no legal or ethical issues. So can you. And the art police aren't going to come take us away!

Why is Mucha's work in the public domain? Mucha died more than 70 years ago. According to U.S. Copyright Law, copyright expires 70 years after the author/artist/creator's death. In other countries, legislation may differ. A lot of old-timey artists are embraced by pop culture exactly 70 years after their date of death. This is not a coincidence. It does, however, make it easy to predict retro art trends!

What is a lithograph? Litho- means stone, and graph- means something drawn or written. Stone writing? Yeah, kinda. A lithograph is a copy of an original work, made by the artist. He or she draws a mirror image of the original artwork onto stone and prints a copy of the image.

Is it hard to do those paintings? No. Try it!


  1. Hola!!this painting is so pretty!!! I actually have some reproductions of Mucha's work in my etsy shop,

    Also, about disqus, I'm still not sure how i feel about it....the comment you sent isnt showing up anywhere... not sure why... but i was able to import all of the existing comments i had, so i didnt lose anything. i'll keep you posted

  2. Wow, the painting is beautiful! I love Art Nouveau...and my husband does too. Every time we pass something with an Art Nouveau look in a store, he comments on how much he loves that style.


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