Monday, August 8, 2011

etsy test drive: ThePattyPanShop

Are you afraid to make your first etsy purchase?
I'll take etsy for a test drive, and share the results!

I took my lunch to work in a paper Maggiano's takeout bag for more than a year before a coworker commented, "You must REALLY love Maggiano's, hmm?" Um...*Cue embarrassed laugh.*  

So I bought an insulated lunch bag and placemat from ThePattyPanShop. A year and a half later, after MANY trips through the spin cycle, the bag still looks good, and I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Let's quantify the etsy love: 

Durability: 5
This thing is a workhorse. After a year and a half of near-daily use, the edges are just beginning to show wear. 

Appearance: 4.5

I love the bag's graphic print, square shape, and pretty damask lining. My coworkers have mistaken my lunchbag for a purse, and it's received many compliments. However, I wish the zipper wasn't so long. In this picture, the zipper was tucked into the bag. It's long and dangly, though, and the bag would be sleeker and more attractive with a shorter zipper.

Insulation: 2

The insulation is minimal. The bag keeps frozen items cool during my 20 minute commute, but not for much longer. It meets my needs, but maybe not yours?

Size: 5

This bag is BIG. It holds a TV dinner, snacks, and a drink all at once. 

Overall: 4.375
I'm extremely pleased with this purchase. Do you eat? Do you work?
Then you need a bag from ThePattyPanShop.

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