Thursday, August 18, 2011

etsy test drive: wooden45

Are you reluctant to make your first etsy purchase?
I'll take etsy for a test drive, and share the results!

I live in Nashville, and this means I go to shows. Crowded, crowded shows. Lots of them. In a perfect world, I'd serenely glide like Grace Kelly though crowded public places. In reality, I do a weird hulking sideways walk-and-bump, one arm wrapped around my purse, trying to prevent it from smacking people. My bag isn't HUGE, but it's big enough to get in the way as I weave through a crowd. I try to carry bags that are proportional to my short, curvy frame. Does this purse make me look fat? I don't care anymore! Just give me something that doesn't make me do the walk-and-bump. It's time for a wristlet.

Dinosaurs love wristlets... And red rose hairpieces from NeldaZee!
Honestly, I mostly chose this wristlet from wooden45 because I'm cheap, and she is currently offering a 15% off coupon code (SUMMER15) that made the item just $11.25, including shipping. She is also offering a 10% discount to bloggers who link to her shop... too bad I didn't notice that before I ordered! When shopping on etsy, read the seller's info carefully to see if coupon codes are offered, and keep a close eye on shipping fees. I see lots of cute, cheap items being shipped from Asia... which causes the shipping fee to be astronomical.

Another thing I Iike about wooden45 is that she lists the designers and names of all the fabrics that she uses, making it easy for you to shop for items made in your favorite prints. So if the recent fabric design review made you crave something by Anna Maria Horner, here you go!

Let's quantify the etsy love:
Workmanship: 5/5
My first impression was that the bag is surprisingly substantial. It's lightly padded, so your keys don't poke through and make wonky-looking bumps.  A closer look reveals that the stitching, zipper, and edges are perfectly straight, there are no loose threads. This perfectionist can find NOTHING wrong here.
Here is a close-up of the stitching. See? Very nice.

Appearance: 4.5/5
The Amy Butler fabric is beautiful, the zipper coordinates with the fabric, and the designer's cute label is sewn into the bag. As for the rest of the shop... This is a matter of personal preference, but I wish she offered a wider variety of fabrics. She mostly uses bright, cheerful cotton-blend fabrics from big-name textile designers, and they're very cute. Some solids, velvets, corduroys, and more subdued choices would be nice too.

Service: 5/5

My Paypal payment went through with no problems, and I received my wristlet exactly one week after ordering it. I consider this reasonable, considering that I only paid $2.75 for shipping. The packaging was cute, but nothing special. It arrived in a padded mailer, wrapped in tissue paper and hand-tied with braided embroidery floss. I would rather get a good deal and NOT pay for fancy packaging, so this works for me.
Accuracy of description: 4.5/5 
This was the seller's description, and it is completely true: "This cute wristlet is made from a pretty Amy Butler fabric, Momemto (midnight) from her new Soul Blossoms collection. It measures approximately 5" x 6 3/4" and has been interfaced with 2 layers of interfacing, making it nicely padded and durable. The inside is lined with a solid white fabric, closes with a red zipper and has a detachable wrist strap." Yay! I love an accurate description.

The fabric on the reverse side isn't perfectly centered, so there is about an inch and a half of solid navy at the edge.  That wasn't mentioned, and the picture didn't show it either. It doesn't bother me much, but I'm mentioning it because it might bother someone else. If you want to see the back of an item before making your purchase, it is perfectly acceptable to convo the etsy seller and ask for more pictures.

Overall: 4.75 / 5.0
I love my wristlet and can't wait to wear it to a show so I'm NOT doing the walk-and-bump. Thank you, wooden45!


  1. it is cute! and what a cheap price!!!

  2. I love etsy. I have a little shop called Choocha that mostly sells old magazines. And that wristlet is so cute!

  3. Etsy reviews are such a great idea, and that clutch is a steal for only $11.25! I'm also loving the little still-life you put together with the dinosaur and pattern book. :)

  4. I love etsy and that price point is awesome! I'm going to go through the link and check it out :)


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