Sunday, August 21, 2011

Head cases! I mean... vases.

Sonia noticed the small head in the vignette atop my media cabinet. What is that thing?!

See The Deluxe Transitive Vampire? This is the funniest grammar book in the world because it employs examples like this: "The sandman, in cahoots with the vampire, lays the subject to rest" (infinitive phrase used as adverb)
And a bunch of weird stuff about disgraced debutantes, clandestine midnight meetings at the gazebo, and lamias. Yay!

A doll head? A weird teacup and saucer? No, it's a very small planter made by clayflower22 at etsy. My dear sister gave me a trio of these for Christmas last year. This little lady watches Twin Peaks with me, while the other two keep each other company in my dining area. I'm ashamed to admit that I've never used them as planters, but I love them anyway. Their white porcelain faces pop beautifully against bright walls or the dark wood of a bookcase. When creating a tabletop vignette with objects of varying size, I always add one of these.

The Clayflower22 shop was the first etsy store that moved me. I first saw it in 2006, and her work is so unique, I couldn't forget it. Clayflower22 makes planters that look like doll heads, fancy ladies, and eerie hybrids of babies and animals. One planter features a lady's head atop a chicken's body. It's unsettling, but there is just something about it. The hybrids are strange, but they would be perfectly at home in a cabinet of curiosities. Hmm. Time to start curating a cabinet of curiosities.

You've got to see these!

these photos are from clayflower22's shop.

They look retro because they ARE retro. Planters shaped like ladies' heads were popular in the mid-20th century. If you'd rather purchase an older piece, these are some of my favorites available now.

This cutie from GlassGirlme even comes with her own jewelry!

This pretty lady from VintageInspiredVt has the same clean white porcelain look as Clayflower22's pieces.

For something more vintage Nashville, consider this cowgirl planter from dustylorraine.

I'm out, y'all. Time to continue exploring Twin Peaks with Special Agent Cooper. I'm developing a huge crush on him. And my boyfriend wants to BE him, I think. A classic London Fog trench coat may be in his future.
Keith, are you reading this?!


  1. I love this so much! It's charming and creepy and sweet at the same time! (like childhood...)

  2. Love your posts, you find the most unique things!!

  3. That little planter is too cute!! Thanks for checking out my blog, I'm now following you!
    I love your post about fabric

  4. Ok, I admit I was really creeped out at first when I saw this cut-off head (especially because it kind of looks like someone I know) but it's grown on me from staring at it for a few minutes.

    I love quirky little pieces around the home. If anything, they're conversation starters! This would be cool with jewelry in it... I think a plant would be a bit too chia-pet-ish. Are those still around?

  5. I got my boyfriend a toby mug off ebay...those creepy little face mugs. It looks like a stroked out version of the quaker oats guy wearing lipstick. He loves it.


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