Thursday, August 25, 2011

I live here, part one: Dining Room.

I've lived in my place for four years, and I've finally accepted that it will always be a work in progress. I love painting, upholstering, and making a mess WAY too much to ever finish. Trying to make a beautiful home on a grad student budget isn't easy, but it's stoked my creativity and forced me to learn how to do things myself. At this point I'm happy with the way my home looks, and you're invited to see it. First stop: Dining Room. Come on in. There's tea!

Paint: Merlot by Benjamin Moore
Wall Unit: Craigslist
Rug: Brentwood Interiors
Table: Heywood Wakefield, thrifted
Chairs: Thrifted at Pre to Post Modern and reupholstered by me
Vase: 3Guns Vase by Suck UK

Heywood Wakefield tabletops have a soft glow.

This is what the chairs looked like BEFORE I reupholstered them. GAG: Earth-tone striped corduroy decorated with someone else's food stains and unraveling at the edges. This was NOT acceptable. I recovered them with a clearance bin remnant of heavy blue velvet. Apartment Therapy dug it.

This area is so small and  functional that it has no theme. When I walk into my place, this is the first thing I see. So I want it to be warm, inviting, and NOT a place to collect clutter. Except I had to move a pile of junk mail out of the way to take these pictures. FULL DISCLOSURE, Y'ALL!

I love the tabletop, but I'm not thrilled with the shape of the table legs. They're more country style than I would like. I painted them black to make them less prominent. Eventually, I'd like to replace this table with a white Saarinen tulip style table. But design issues in other areas of the house are a higher priority now.

I move the small accessories around on a regular basis, and I have a few favorite pieces of art that I switch out periodically to keep things fresh. I love the way white objects look against a solid dark or bright background; that is a key part of my aesthetic. So I'm especially partial to white teapots and pitchers and the 3Guns Vase by Suck UK, which was a gift from my sister. I don't get sick of them. Ever. But they never stay in the same place for long. Do you move your small decorative items around a lot? 

(Please say yes, please say yes, tell me I'm not crazy...)

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