Monday, August 29, 2011

Yes, you CAN wear an English garden on your earlobes.

On Saturday I hit the flea market at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds and came home with a few treasures. These screw-back bone china earrings, inscribed "Made in England," were my favorite find. The colors are so bright, and the petals are so lifelike.

Oh my goodness, I believe that is a genuine NeldaZee hair clip!

Everything has a story, right? A little research showed that the Staffordshire region in England became a center for pottery and porcelain manufacturing in the 17th century because all the requisite materials were available there. Bone china jewelry, like my earrings, was produced there between 1945 - 1960. Notable names include Aynsley China, Cara China, Coalport China, Crown Staffordshire China, Bone China Crafts CO., and Paragon China Co. Look, y'all! I'm citing my source!

They're so pretty, but I suspect screw-back earrings might have been used as torture devices once upon a time, so I'm looking for another way to wear them. They're so fragile that I can't remove the screw-backs without damaging the porcelain, so it's time to get creative. Have you ever used screw-back earrings for something other than their intended purpose? If so, please share!

If you like this look, check out some other English china jewelry on etsy. Some etsy sellers are selling vintage pieces, and others are using old bone china flowers to make new jewelry (making those awful screw-back earrings wearable once again!). These are priced between $8 - $23, and so delicate and sweet...

Look for English bone china jewelry next time you're at the thrift store, antique mall, or flea market!

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