Thursday, September 22, 2011

Clearly, we all need Beirut music boxes.

Last weekend Keith gave me this beautiful Beirut music box as an early anniversary present. Only 100 were made, and it plays Scenic World, which is one of my favorite Beirut songs, and well. It is perfect. You should buy one too so we can get together and wind 'em up and make them play in round. Like Kumbaya, but way better.

I'm excited because Next Big Nashville-slash-Soundland is this weekend (even though I don't like Next Big Nashville's new moniker). One wristband = 4 nights of shows, woo-hoo! I missed M. Ward last night because I needed sweet sweet sleep, but tonight I'm seeing Reptar, Ghostland Observatory, and the very lovely Jasmin Kaset. I'm especially excited about Reptar cuz they've been compared to Talking Heads, Animal Collective, and Prince. Whoa. Dancing shoes required.

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