Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy stuff is happy. And I love your blog.

 Laura at Smallgood Hearth (check out her good crafty ideas!) kindly shared the Happy 101 award with me. Woo! My first award! It's time for me to share ten happy things and pass it along. So. Here's some stuff I love:

1. Beirut Their new album, The Riptide, just came out. Darling Keith special-ordered it for me before it was released, and it arrived charmingly hand-addressed from BadaBing. It's dreamy! Listen to "Vagabond." When it breaks down into dizzying arpeggios, you'll fall in love.

2. Twin Peaks Audrey is adorable, Cooper is quirky, and the coffee is really, really good. Laura Palmer's cousin is NOT Laura Palmer, weird stuff is weird, and the owls are not what they seem. I think that sums it up.

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3. This insane and beautiful Dia de Los Muertos Dollhouse (!!!)

4. The smell after rain You know, that smell that smells like mushrooms and secrets and dark, damp cleanliness.

5. Reciprocity It's that moment when another person sparks something good and creative in you, and the other person lights up, too. That's a good moment.

6. Cooking for someone else Last night Keith and I made goulash.

7. Denim pencil skirts I bought a beautiful one today. I can't wait to wear it with riding boots, a slim turtleneck, long chunky cardigan, and a wide belt.

Image Credit

 8. Classic London Fog trench coats So you can stay dry while you enjoy that fresh rain smell.

9. Enthusiastic new volunteers When they bounce up and down because they're genuinely thrilled to be at the library, they remind me that I have a great job. 

10. Airports I love quietly watching other people's lingering goodbyes and loving greetings. I love the pilots' regalia and the miniature bottles of soda. I even love the tiny efficiency and perfect practicality of airplane bathrooms. Most of all, I love the sense of suspended reality, of being neither here nor there (yet).

And now the award goes to...
(drumroll, please)
Favorite blogs I read every day... some old, some new,
and some so inspiring that they made me want to be a blogger:

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Have a fantastic weekend!

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