Monday, September 5, 2011

How to make a sweater guard

Princesses get tiaras.
Librarians get SWEATER GUARDS!
I've admired sweater guards for a while, but couldn't find any I liked.
I love these earrings, but they're too painful to wear. They needed a new life.

This is the first chilly autumn day we've had this year. I love needing a cardigan and hat.
Want to make one for yourself?
Keep reading. It's easy!
Like, so easy you can do it in less than 10 minutes.

Screw-back or clip-on earrings
Nylon jewelry filament

Step One: Tie the jewelry filament to the back of the earring in a triple-knot. Trim any excess. Cut the filament to the length you desire, plus a few inches.

Step Two: String your beads until they're the desired length.

Step Three: Tie the jewelry filament to the back of the second earring, using a triple-knot. Voila! To wear, screw or clip the earrings to the sides of your cardigan, just as you would screw or clip them on top your ears. This is a fun and unusual alternative to a necklace. Expect lots of compliments!

How else have you used your vintage earrings?

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