Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to paint a Mondrian mural

I knew someone who painted his living room Grover blue. Yeah, like the Sesame Street critter. It was an overwhelming color, and if he was going to rock it, he needed to OWN it. So I told him we should paint a Mondrian mural on his wall and turn the room into a space-age bachelor lounge. To my great surprise, he let me do it! And it looked fantastic. So now I'm gonna tell YOU how to do it. First, you'll need stuff.

painter's tape
white, blue, red, and yellow paint
(sample-size paint jars from Home Depot or Lowe's are perfect)
a big fat Sharpie Magnum (if you're lazy) OR black paint (if you mean business)

This looks like a doorway cuz it used to be a doorway, WOW IT'S LIKE ROCKET SCIENCE. It was architecturally set off from the rest of the room, so we chose this spot.

Step One: Basic paint prep. Remove electrical covers, and make sure the wall is clean.
Place tape around the edges of your painting, if needed.

Step Two: Map out the design out painter's tape. You can copy a Mondrian painting, as we did, or make your own design. This is easier than it looks. Use a yardstick to trace perfectly straight lines in pencil, then place the tape against the lines.

Step Three: Paint the white squares.

Step Four: Don't do this.

Step Five: Paint the colors. Wait until the paint is TOTALLY DRY to remove the tape.
Waah waah, waiting is hard.

Step Six: Color in the black lines. We were too lazy to reapply tape and use black paint on the lines, so we used Sharpie Magnum markers. I don't recommend doing this. The fumes made us loopy, and the marker's coverage isn't quite opaque, so it looks strange next to the opaque painted areas. But it DOES photograph well! If you're going to re-tape and use black paint, wait a day or two to do this step. If the white paint isn't completely dry, the tape will pull it off.

Last: Admire your work. And don't use flash.

Can you imagine how happy this room would be with a red Eames sofa, Tulip style end tables, Nelson bubble lamps, and some crazy pop-art style cushions? Dare to dream!

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