Thursday, September 8, 2011

I live here, part three: Desk Area

This is where the magic blogging happens.

Paint: Dark Ash by Behr
Desk and chair: Thrifted
Trunk: Target circa 1999
Art: Vintage (eBay)
Curtains: Target

My place is small, and I don't have a separate office or craft space (I WISH!). This functional little corner of the living room is for blogging, bill paying, and reading webcomics in the morning while drinking coffee and wiping the sleep from my eyes. This area has been through a lot of changes in the part four years, some of them good and some of them just... well... weird. The dark gray paint is a relatively new change, and I love it. Wanna see the weird stuff I tried before this?

The Post-It wall was fun because I loved watching people react to it. But I got tired of answering the same questions about it: Yes, they occasionally fell off. No, they didn't fall down very often. Yes, I did have to tape some of them to the wall. No, the cat never messed with it. No, I don't know what I was thinking, but it had something to do with listening to too much Talking Heads while reading Douglas Coupland. Yes, I kind of miss it. 

Once upon a time, I had a very bad camera. And the cats hadn't broken my plants, so they looked nice and luxurious. And the walls were VERY RED. I was like,"Hey this is MY FIRST PLACE and I can do what I want, woooo!" It was the decorating equivalent of drinking too much during the first week of college. I was starting grad school and planned to entertain a lot, so I wanted an energizing color. I got more than I could handle. Now it's much nicer to have red in the dining area and a neutral in the living area. Lesson learned.

What decorating mistakes did you make in your first home?

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