Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I live here: Living Room. New chair!

My living room had that off-kilter, very-wrong M.C. Escher feeling. I'm in the process of replacing my hand-me-down furniture with long, low, mid-century pieces. So one side of the room was filled with tall, overstuffed furniture and a mirror going up to the ceiling, and the other side featured a sofa only 24 inches high. Hello, Tilt-a-Whirl living room. But two weekends ago, I bought this small blue-gray disc chair at Pre to Post Modern and removed the huge chair and ottoman that had hogged that corner. Oh, what a difference scale and proportion can make!

Check out the white whale cat sunbathing under the chair... aww!
Sofa - Pfister sofa by Knoll (vintage)
Coffee Table - Bassett Furniture (vintage)
Wall Sculpture - Curtis Jere, $24 on eBay or buy it here (HA!)
Lamp - Tamber by Uttermost
Disc Chair - Unmarked (vintage)
Wall Color - Dark Ash by Behr

Laugh at the before and admire the after... after the cut...

BEFORE: Look, the room IS tilting! The chair hogged the room, but no one ever sat in the chair because it was so far from the sofa. Conversations were awkward: HELLO? CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? I kept my easel folded down in the corner, so every time I wanted to paint, it was a big to-do to put the easel together, move the coffee tale, drag the easel into the room, paint, and break it down again. Can you say nonfunctional space?

 AFTER: The room still isn't perfect, but it feels bigger and more balanced. I'd like to recover my throw pillows with something black and white and vaguely scientific. According to feng shui, the easel is in my relationship corner, so I might move the robot-setting-stuff-on-fire painting elsewhere and put something more romantic there. And I'm hunting for a matching pair of small end tables to replace my current ones, because end tables should not be taller than the sofa. But this is a huge improvement, and most importantly, the cat approves.

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