Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Intentionally Choosing a Classic Wardrobe

Franco Sarto Napoli Patent Leather Pump - Image Credit
I recently took stock of what I own versus what I actually wear, analyzed what I like (and don't like) in my favorite style blogs, and decided I want a simpler, more sophisticated wardrobe. I own so many wild prints and accessories that can best be described as "unique," but when I wear these things, I feel garish and uncomfortably conspicuous. I feel best wearing solid neutral or jewel-tone colors, solid-colored skirts, flatteringly tailored trouser-cut pants or skinny jeans tucked into boots, and one bold accessory... Not when I wear a polka-dotted shirt, fringed scarf, and textured tights.

There are pretty things under the cut.

Jessica Simpson Kellie Wedge Pump in Burnt Sienna - Image Credit

Fred Fisticup Mug
When I was younger, I wore wilder clothes and strange layers to distract the eye from my figure, but now I feel confident about my shape, and I don't feel like I need to hide. Whether you love or hate Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker, you have to admit that when she advises women to forgo baggy styles and choose body-skimming clothing in solid colors, the women she advises end up looking fantastic. Ten years ago, I would've called a simple, sleek ensemble boring, but now I think it looks confident.

Navy Blue Striped Nautical Cardigan - Image Credit
Tahari Ruffled Tee - Image Credit 
In the past, I shopped haphazardly: I'd walk into a store, see something unique and often vintage, and buy it because I didn't know when I'd find another item like it. That led to a closet full of conversation pieces and outfits that looked more like costumes than clothing. That was fine when I was in my twenties, but I'd like to be taken more seriously now. This month when I shopped, I ask myself a very important question: What would Kate Middleton wear? But not What would Kate Middleton spend! Everything I bought is from TJ Maxx, and therefore last season, so it was much less expensive than the links will have you believe. When it comes to classic styles, I don't think "last season" matters.

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