Monday, February 27, 2012

Art and Interiors by Meghan Boody

Keith and I had a wonderful weekend together. We went to a huge going away party for a friend, played Munchkin and Letters of Marque at a potluck (nerd alert!), and on Sunday we went to the Frist Center to see the new exhibit, Fairytales. Monsters, and the Genetic Imagination. I liked it all, but Meghan Boody's pieces featuring the wives of Henry VIII, with Henry depicted as various kinds of grotesque animals, were my favorites. Boody brings together history and fantasy in a bright, imaginative way, complete with gorgeous background landscapes and interiors.

Wife #3: Jane Seymour - Bound to Obey and Serve
Wife #5: Katheryne Howard - No Other Wish But His
When I got home, I looked her up and learned that she also designs interiors. From her website: Imagine living inside a personalized natural history diorama. Or entertaining in a Florentine grotto. Or sleeping inside a turn of the century planetarium. Looking Glass Labs creates interior environments designed by artist and company owner, Meghan Boody. Known for her otherworldly digital imagery, Ms. Boody offers her clients the possibility of living inside one of her fantastical creations. Take a look:

The Study
The Garrett
The Secret Lair
The Master Bedroom

I love the double doors, the tiny Alice in Wonderland secret room, and the the attention to small details--look at the birds on the bedposts. Follow the links to see more of her home. I like the way she uses macabre elements to give girly floral prints and happy colors an edge. It isn't all practical, and I don't think I'd want to live there, but it's so much fun to look.

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