Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Colorful Carpets and Rugs

First, I'd like to thank Vivian at Ish and Chi for featuring my home in her blog! I'm honored. If you don't read Ish and Chi yet, take a look. It's bright, beautiful, and inspiring.

I recently tried watching Pushing Daisies. I didn't like the storyline, but I love the over-the-top set design with bright colors, elaborate patterns, and whimsical details galore. I especially love Olive's bedroom, with toile bedding that matches the wallpaper, that matches the headboard, that matches the curtains... that match the carpet. Who does that?!

Image Credit
In a special feature interview, a set designer mentioned that ABC has a carpet printer. It prints anything on low-pile white wall-to-wall carpet, and they made this carpet to match everything else in the room. WOW. I don't even like wall-to-wall carpet, but now I'm taken with the idea of custom-made, elaborately patterned rugs. How might that look in a room? Check out these rooms for inspiration.

Anthropologie Rug
Stamp Rugs - Is a rug with the Queen of England's face on it rude?
I wouldn't want people walking all over me!
CB2 Hopscotch Rug
Anthropologie Shanti Paisley Rug
Anthropologie Floral Rug
ABC Home
The new carpets are beautiful, but I like these antique rugs best, especially the red and black Chinese Art Deco. I'd love to build an otherwise neutral living room around that gorgeous carpet. Imagine it with white walls, a creamy tufted sofa, lucite coffee table, and a big Arco lamp... maybe someday!

P.S. The summer 2008 issue of Set Decor magazine has wonderful photos of the Pushing Daisies set and explains how the set design is used to reveal information about each character, set the mood, and evoke specific emotions. Another article in the same issue describes the same things about Mad Men.


  1. That stamp rug with the Queen of England’s face, I find it rather polite. And no, it’s not rude at all. ;) She’s an inspiration and it’s actually one way of showing that we appreciate her as the queen. :]

    1. Hello! Thanks for explaining that it's okay to use the Queen's image, even if it's on the floor. I think this rug is so witty and cute, and I'm glad it isn't rude. Do many people display images of the royal family in their homes?

  2. It's good that you already have your December Goals. :-D I'm still in the middle of making them and it's already December!


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