Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mad Science Decor: Welcome to the Lab.

I'm on a mad science kick when it comes to decor: I'm drawn to lab glassware and apothecary jars, biology charts, and Edison bulbs. So I was thrilled last week when I visited Atlanta and found this vintage anatomy poster (in Swedish?) at Highland Row Antiques. From the outside this shop looks tiny, but their basement is nearly the size of a department store, and it's filled with unique, crazy art and knick-knacks displayed alongside big-name mid-century furniture.

I also made a three-hour trip to Ikea, where I picked up a Frack mirror. I love its steampunk go-go-gadget extendable arm. This thing looks like it belongs in Tesla's bathroom, not mine. Tesla as portrayed by Bowie. YES.

So, Keith and I had a fantastic time together in Atlanta,

and we're planning to go back soon. I wasn't crazy about Jeff Mangum: "That guy is a poet, not a singer. Doesn't he know that spoken-word is an option? Wait, is this a joke? Are they secretly filming a mockumentary? Everyone is only pretending to like this, right?" Luckily, Keith just laughed at me. But I liked perching in the balcony at Variety Playhouse, and the sound was fantastic. I loved Keith's reaction to IKEA--he was like a kid in a candy store--and we made half-serious plans to someday merge our bookshelves.

I'm going to re-upholster a chair to match my new medical poster.

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