Wednesday, February 15, 2012

She Blinded Me With Science

I like stuff. I like a lot of stuff, and not all the stuff I like matches. So I've been using Pinterest to focus my taste and plan exactly what I want in my living room. I don't want an overt theme, but I like accessories that evoke a mad science lab feeling: Antique biology prints, apothecary jars and bell jars, Edison bulbs, and a well-appointed bar cart (For chemistry, y'all!). I aim to balance the old-fashioned elements with mid-century furniture and modern gray walls. These images are inspirational.  

Credit - This entire house tour is fantastic.
I like the anatomical print, bell jar glassware, and lamp.

I like the glassware and natural specimens... though I don't think I really want to live with dead animals, so I'd rather mimic that look with a piece of art.

I like the graphic black and white pillows, Edison light bulbs, and bar cart.

I like the look of gold against dark gray-blue walls.

I like the industrial storage, glassware, and general laboratory feel of this room.

To Do:
Make new throw pillows
Collect pretty glassware
Hang science-inspired art
Hang an Edison bulb over my easel
Find an industrial or fancy gold bar cart
Find matching walnut-finish mid-century end tables


  1. LOVE your blog! Very inspiring! I totally pinned half of it in the past 30 minutes :) BTW, if you are looking for that halo chandelier with the Edison light bulbs, the store I manage marketing for sells it! And probably for way less than Anthropologie...

    It's not on our site yet, but if you're interested just email me at

    Thanks for all the gorgeous images!

    1. Oh wow, thank you! Your comment honestly made my day. I'm glad you could find some inspiration here. I checked out Nectar, and WOW. Everything is beautiful. I'm especially impressed by the items from Codor Designs. Normally I don't go for glass furniture (I leave fingerprints all over them!), but they are so beautiful that I don't even care about that! Would you mind if I did a blog entry all about them?

      P.S. You can find me here on Pinterest:
      Where can I find you? I'd love to follow your boards. :)


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