Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games Set Design

You liked the Hunger Games movie, right? I saw it on Friday with Keith, Lance, my sister Kelly, and my new friend from the library, Sally. I'd already read the book and knew the story, and I couldn't wait to see the set design in the capitol. I wasn't disappointed: When they first showed the dining room, my jaw dropped and I grabbed Keith's arm. "SEATBELT CHAIRS!!" We tried out seatbelt chairs a few weeks ago at Classic Modern, and they're surprisingly comfortable. Um, yeah. I seek out iconic modern furniture and test it for comfort in my spare time. Don't judge! And FYI, the Wassily chair might have been designed as a torture device. But moving along...

Hunger Games set, featuring seatbelt chairs by Nuttapong for the Phillips Collection 

I especially love the seatbelt chairs, which function as furniture and art, but everything about the set design is inspiring. It's over the top and garish, but using these ideas with more restraint could be beautiful. I admire the mix of art deco shapes and lines with contemporary color schemes and materials. The sparkling glassware, metallic finishes, and cool colors look fresh, modern, and classy. Using the Hunger Games set as my inspiration, I tried Polyvore for the first time to create a dining room design that might be more livable. Panton chairs, pendant lighting, and a floral motif to soften all that glass and metal... What do you think?

Hunger Games Dining Room in the Capitol

Hunger Games Dining Room in the Capitol by stuffjendid on

What was your favorite part of the new movie? Didn't the reaping leave you all choked up? 


  1. I am so excited to see the movie. So so very excited. What'd you think of the soundtrack? I was super excited to see some of my favorites listed (I love Carolina Chocolate Drops).

    Coincidentally, I made my first Polyvore last night too. Yours is great. Even without the context of Hunger Games, it's a hot room. I think the lighting is really cool.

    1. Thank you. You made your first Polyvore last night, too? That's so weird! I'd love to see it. I found a user there named Smallgood; is that you?

      The movie was very, very good. Oddly, I was completely unaware of the music because the suspense held me in thrall. I just realized Neko Case was on the soundtrack... How did I miss that?! Now I want to listen to the whole thing, carefully.

  2. When Prim gave her the pin back (although not in the book) I couldn't stop crying lol.

    1. I know! I was sitting next to my little sister when I saw it, and that part slayed me. The reaping and farewell scenes were very well done. Not overwrought or maudlin, just perfect.

  3. Half the reason I was interested in this film was because of the style! Both clothes and the set! It was simply fantastic!


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