Thursday, March 1, 2012

Phrenology! Or, My mother is psychic, even if she doesn't have a bump on her head in just the right spot.

Last week I was fiercely coveting a phrenology head model. On Friday, I even put a picture of one in my private Wish List photo album (Yes, I keep a wish list photo album. Doesn't everyone?).

Hello, my pretty. Get yours here.
So, last night I stopped by my parents' house after work, and my mother said, "I just bought you the most perfect birthday present. It's so you. I don't know how I'm going to wait until July to give it to you!" I considered that, and asked, "Is it a phrenology head?" Her jaw dropped, and for a moment, she looked mad. Then she ran upstairs and brought down a huge box.

"Happy birthday!" I was reluctant to open it. "Are you serious, Mom?" Did you reallly... you didn't... Wow. How did we DO that?!" She just shook her head, smiled, and gently teased me. "Who responds by saying 'a phrenology head?! Seriously, Jen!'" We laughed and laughed. And then, of course, we consulted the model and jokingly checked each other's heads for bumps in the "intuition" region. As identified by L.N. Fowler. Pseudoscience, woo-hoo!

My cabinet of curiosities, minus the cabinet.
If I ever complain that no one understand me, please remind me that my mother gets me!!

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