Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rag Curls: Look Like a Classic Film Siren (or an Electrified Poodle).

I hate mornings so much. Really, I'd rather watch the horrible "freely adapted" version of The Scarlet Letter with Demi Moore than be awake before 9:00. So when heard someone say, "Rag curls make my morning routine so easy! I spend ten minutes rolling my hair at night, and literally one minute unrolling my curls in the morning," I considered it. And when I looked at pictures of Hedy Lamarr, I had to try it. I love that her curls look so soft, with no weird unnatural spiral look, and that she wore her curls down but pulled back away from her face.
On Day One, I followed these instructions from Bell's Belles Vintage, except I rolled my hair all the way up to the scalp. Big mistake! I shouldn't have ignored the instructions to roll only to the ears. When I took off my scarf and unrolled my hair in the morning, I was a little bit afraid of it. I'd brought a monster to life! I pulled it back on either side with barrettes and topped it off with a flower clip, and I didn't feel like I was styling my hair as much as I was fighting it. Her advice was good, but I had no clue what I was doing, and it shows. I spent the day hiding in my office.

1. I rolled my hair all the way to the scalp.
2. I rolled my hair too tightly.
3. I rolled a LOT of small, tight curls. A few big, soft curls would have been better.
4. I didn't roll the ends, so I had weird straight pieces at the ends of my hair.

On Day Two, I followed Solanah's rag curl instructions, which I found here at Vixen Vintage, except I did NOT brush out my curls. Aside: if you don't read Solanah's blog, take a look--she is adorable, and she offers fantastically useful advice for wearing and caring for vintage clothing. Anyway, I tried to amend my previous mistakes: I rolled my hair just to the tops of my ears, I made fewer curls using larger sections of hair, and I paid closer attention to the ends. Voila!

Hellooooooo, Hedy Lamarr hair! I was so pleased with the results. Except for a too-tight, too-small curl on the right side that looked fuzzy (you see it, right?), I liked my hair a lot. And the best part was that it only took two minutes to unroll my curls, clip them back, and spray them into place. I'm definitely going to do this again. So when you see me in a turban... yeah, I'll probably be rocking rag curlers underneath.

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