Monday, March 19, 2012

Up, up, and away!

I'm a little obsessed with hot air balloons. Just a little. When you imagine the combination of fire, two-thousand feet of open space, a thrilling view, and perfect silence, can you help but smile? I can't! All my life I've wanted to ride in one, and my Dad is taking me on my first balloon ride this spring. I'm so excited! If you're an experienced balloonist, do you have any words of wisdom for a first-timer?

To get in the spirit, I'm browsing the hot air balloon themed items on etsy.

Clutch Purse by CottonTimes

Stained Glass Mosaic Lamp

Glass Necklace by ElainaLouiseStudios

Pillow cover by JolieMarche

Mobile by KristyScime
French linen pillow cover by petitbonheur
Aren't they beautiful? Please support these etsy sellers!

I had a wonderful weekend with Keith, friends, and family. On Friday, Keith and I went to see John Carter. He chose the movie, and my first response was, "Wait, we're going to see a Disney movie about a Civil War veteran on Mars? Umm..." But I was surprised by how much I liked the airships (hot air balloons meet viking triremes, woo!), the adorable Martian Pekingese dog, and watching Taylor Kitsch run around without a shirt on for two hours. I don't care if it's officially been deemed a flop; I liked it a lot.


  1. First. LOVING (LOVE with hearts floating in the air) your new header. Second, you must share EVERYthing about your hot air balloon experience. Bigbad and I are supposed to go this summer. He's a scurdy cat, but I am thrilled. I think if he reads a first hand account he won't pee his pants.

    1. Thank you! I couldn't sleep last night, and I made the new header in a half-stupor. When I threw it up there, I wasn't sure about it. But at breakfast I told Keith you loved it "with hearts floating in the air" and suddenly, I liked it too. Just saying that out loud made me smile.

      Perhaps it requires a new background, though. Hmm...

      Yes, I'll post EVERYTHING about the hot air balloon ride! Maybe Bigbad is the sanest one of all? I get vertigo when I look stand at the top of a skyscraper and look down, but I'm not at all afraid of ballooning. It's just a good old-fashioned science project!

  2. Awesome blog! Thanks so much for sharing my Glass Hot Air Balloon Necklace.
    Elaina Louise Studios


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