Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Walk in the Clouds and Vintage Military Fashion

I need to confess something: I really, really love A Walk in the Clouds. I love everything about this movie. I love Keanu Reeves' endearing awkwardness, Anthony Quinn's sweet tooth, and Victoria's hats and bias-cut dresses. I love the serenades, the vineyard, the emphasis on family, and especially the grape-crushing scene. It probably doesn't hurt that I received my first kiss while watching this movie.

He is about to propose to her, and Anthony Quinn is about to eat all the candy, and the ladies are
about to squish grapes, and her dad is about to throw a pyromaniac hissy fit, and ISN'T IT SPECIAL?
So last month when we were at Highland Row Antiques in Atlanta, I picked up a green military jacket, walked over to Keith as if in a trance, held it up to him, and said, "MUST. BUY. THIS." It fit perfectly, he loved it, and I was glad to have found something he likes so much. Flash forward a few weeks. We're watching A Walk in the Clouds, and the moment Keanu stepped off the boat, I yelled, "OH! Your coat!!"

Same jacket? Same jacket!
By the way, Keith really, really likes modeling. Seriously.
Keith is wearing a pristine World War II U.S. Air Force tunic exactly like the one Keanu Reeves wore in the movie. It's so perfect, I think it was deadstock. These just so happen to be the best coats ever because they nip in tightly at the waist, make the shoulders look massive, and are made of beautiful wool. They don't make 'em like this anymore. So many women blog about vintage fashion, but I don't see many resources for vintage men's clothing. If you fella wants to dress the part (or if you like the look and he's willing to indulge you), suggest one of these to him. I like this shop because they take meticulous pictures of their jackets, including the dated tags.

So mostly this was just an excuse to crow about how handsome I think Keith looks in his new jacket, and to confess that I love a cheesy Keanu Reeves movie. Wow, I feel better now. Okay, here's one more picture of the perfect 1940s clothes in this movie.

I'm like, hello pretty butterfly woman. I love your bias-cut silk nightgown. How very art deco of you.
And Keanu is like, hello pretty butterfly woman. I'm looking at your bum.


  1. We must be from the same stock. People can tease all they want, but I heart A Walk in the Clouds something fierce.

    And Keith looks great. Men in wool coats look great. I'm trying to find something similar to this ( for Bigbad.

    1. I know, right? A Walk in the Clouds is GOOD. But Pride & Prejudice for the WIN!! Oh, that's a good choice. And a good coat.

      By the way, Keith just looked at the computer and admired your nicknames: "Smallgood and Bigbad? That's cute!" :)

  2. Love the jacket but thats not a regulation haircut!


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