Monday, April 23, 2012

Game of Thrones Party Food: Lannister Red Velvet Cake

When you play the Game of Potluck, you win or you clean up the kitchen! There is no middle ground.
Eat up! Winter is coming.
Is it Red Wedding Cake? Is it Lannister Red Velvet Cake? Who cares; it was so tasty! It's a Cake Wreck, I know, but it was the first time I ever tried to decorate a cake, and perfection wasn't the point. It got a lot of laughs last night, and I didn't know a boxed cake mix could be so light and fluffy. Make a similar cake for your next theme party. You won't regret it.
"So you agree? Starks are enemies?"
"Everyone who isn't us is an enemy."


  1. Brooke and I had to clean, so I guess we lost. It was a great cake though. Thanks for coming out.

    1. You didn't get red velvet cake batter all over your kitchen, though--so you win! Thanks for hosting. It was so, so much fun. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

  2. It's like you make all my favorite food! Queen Cersei would approve indeed. Episode 4 was freaky...

    1. Haha, thank you! Your post made me want to try lamprey pie, but I have no idea where to get it in Nashville. :-/


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