Thursday, April 12, 2012

When life gives you platitudes, break an egg to make an omelet?

I've done nothing creative this week! So enjoy this picture of Stella.
Picture this: It's your biggest work event of the year. Hundreds of children are at your workplace to take part in an Easter Egg Hunt. Your coworker is being led around in a terrifying furry bunny costume greeting the kids, the field outside your workplace is covered with thousands of plastic eggs, and you're in charge of a huge volunteer team, including a dozen teenage face painters. In minutes, the sky goes from sunny blue to bruised black. Lightning cracks, and moments later, you're drenched in rain. The children are afraid of thunder, so they're all screaming and crying. Figure out how to salvage the event. That was my reality last week, and it was hilariously cartoonish but so stressful. Thanks to a fantastic team of adaptable librarians and hardworking, cheerful volunteers who quickly moved the face painting, games, and terrifying Easter Bunny into the building, it turned out okay... but I think I'm still recovering from it! So please forgive this week's lack of creativity.

Face Paint by Dan Klepper
Hire him for your next party--he's great!

On top of that, everything is broken. My air conditioner was recently out for a week, my car battery went kaput last night and left me stranded, and and I'm learning that sometimes things have to break to demonstrate the unbrokenness of everything else in one's life. Every time something goes wrong, someone is there to help me. Keith brought me box fans when the temperature in my place soared to 83 very humid degrees. My father came to the library to jump my battery, and he even brought me a cup of shepherd's pie from Mom. Then Keith installed a new battery in my car at ten o'clock last night. At the end of the Easter Egg Hunt, Dan Klepper, a professional face paint artist, kindly offered to paint my face to cheer me up. It was as relaxing as a massage, and it looked beautiful!

Sometimes I get gloomy and (cue a dramatic wail) I feel soooo alooooone, but these not-so-great events reminded me that my life is pretty great after all. Maybe it's all the spring sunshine, but I can't stop smiling lately.

Maybe it's Keith.

One by one, Keith is making good on his promises: He quit smoking, and he started a really good new job two weeks ago. For years he talked about starting an invention group, and he recently started collaborating on a very cool project (It's a secret until it's patented, sorry). He bought new clothes for the new job, got the Ryan Gosling haircut he was eyeing online, and he looks so handsome. He seems proud of himself, and I love seeing him so happy.  He smiles and laughs so often, and his laugh is contagious. I'm in love.

And. The second season of Game of Thrones so beautiful. Those gritty sets and sweeping landscapes! The costumes! Cersei's utter lack of redeeming qualities! I was excited to see Melisandre and Asha Greyjoy onscreen for the first time, and they didn't disappoint. They're not exactly as I imagined them, but somehow that makes them better and more interesting. And on a related note, tomorrow I'm hosting my first GMX-related event at Flying Saucer. It's called Books and Brews, and tomorrow we'll be meeting to talk about the Song of Ice and Fire series (or just hang out and have a pint), so if you're in Nashville, I hope you'll join us.

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