Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ask the Amateur: Asian Inspired Bedroom

Kat asks: "I want to redecorate my bedroom with an Asian theme, but I'm not sure where to start. I know I want a simple platform bed and I want to use wall sconces for the bedside lighting. I might like to make my own upholstered headboard. Do you have any advice?"

The Amateur says: "An Asian look relies on minimalism, so begin with a blank slate. Pack away your knick-knacks or display them in another room, and send the things you no longer use to Goodwill. I wanted to avoid an over-the top, in your-face theme, which can make your home feel like Disneyworld, so I chose items that suggest the theme but don't scream it..

Asian Inspired Bedroom Design

Asian Inspired Bedroom Design by stuffjendid on

The Amateur Continues: "This Asian-inspired look relies on black furniture with clean lines and a color scheme of red with pale green accents. The boxy bed and dresser are balanced with a round mirror and bedside tables. I incorporated bamboo in the area rug, wall decals, and plant. The red cushions behind the bed indicate how an upholstered headboard might look, and I'm crazy about these Art Deco-does-Asian wall sconces!"

Bamboo Tree Wall Decal Stickers from Amazon - $28.99
JLA Green Satin Pillow from Target - $24.99

Design House Monroe Oil Rubbed Bronze Wall Sconce from Home Depot 
- $47.97 each
Baxton Studio White Round End Table from Lowe's - $224
Red Retro Clock from RetroPlanet (Wall clock shown as bedside clock) -

Kat says: "On second thought, I might prefer a dark wooden headboard instead of an upholstered headboard, and lamps rather than wall-mounted sconces. What should I do?"

The Amateur Says:
"Consider this bed from Crate & Barrel with red and white accent pillows, a cherry blossom screen, and a wall fan and oriental rug in beige. A strong, simple floor lamp keeps the fanciful pagoda lamp from making the look too precious. And the curves in the fan, stool, and round end table balance the square headboard, screen, and floor lamp."
Asian Inspired Bedroom Design #2


  1. Let's be honest, it's the Pomeranian that really makes the room. :) I really like the inspiration boards you create. Are there any more rooms in your house you'll be redecorating? I'd love to see the process you go through.

    1. Haha, it's definitely all about the puppies! Since Keith is moving in, we're in the process of adjusting things to make the place appropriate for more people and two dogs, and I'd like to move in a year. So no major redecorating plans, but I'd like to repaint. I have a bunch of paint chips sitting on the coffee table now! I could write about the process I go through to choose new colors. Would that be about as interesting as watching paint dry, though? :-/ Hmm.


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