Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Commencing Operation: Cohabitation

I've been sitting on a big happy secret. That's partly because I'm afraid to jinx it, and partly because I'm smugly holding on to it; I don't want to share. But I'm so excited! I can't keep it in anymore. It went something like this. First, Keith was like:

"Hey girl, will you be my girlfriend?"
And I was like, "Well... yeah."

And then he was like, 
"Hey girl, you wanna live
together so we can save up and buy a house?
...And you'll get to decorate it?
And oh hey, I bought you roses and made 
sesame-crusted tuna steaks for dinner."

How could I resist that?! We're going to stay at my condo for nine months, then start looking at houses. Or, as my favorite colleague said, "Jen and Keith are gestating a house." So now we're getting ready to cram ourselves, his two high-energy Pomeranian dogs, my prissy old cat, and hundreds of books into 832 square feet. Gulp.

Keith doesn't have much furniture, and I'm happy to clean out my closets. Unworn clothes, unread books, and unloved tchotchkes can all go. Last week I spent hours getting rid of hundreds of old CD cases so I can turn my black trunk into a linen chest. So I can shift things in my closets. So I can give Keith a closet of his own. It's mad, but there is a method.
I found some forgotten treasures, like a song recorded by my college boyfriend with these cheerful lyrics:

I love you like I'm Edgar Allan Poe
And it's the start of a long, sad story
Maybe it's an allegory
'Bout a sun that's going down
I love you like a sun that's going down

HA! You're so Nashville if your nooks and crannies are full of overwrought music recorded by ex boyfriends. But let's talk about books. Because books are kind of important to me.

I made the ultimate sacrifice tonight.
I'll give you my heart and my bookshelf. For a librarian, this is the true test of love.
I sorted through my old books, bagged up the ones I'll never reread, and completely emptied a bookcase for Keith. Goodbye, second copies of Salinger and Austen! Goodbye, Hitchhiker's guide series (Keith has 'em all, and bound in leather, too--swanky!). Goodbye, ethnographies I haven't read in nine years! Good riddance, statistics textbook! Once again, my old Pagan Kennedy books made the cut. She was my idol when I was 16, and 'Zine was my bible. I don't think I'll ever part with it.

Hello, boarding pass from Heathrow jammed between the pages of American Gods. Aww, aren't you useless but special?

We'll put the empty bookcase in a storage unit to make room for Keith's mid-century Lane chest of drawers. Keith officially moves in on June 15, but I hope we can store the bookcase sooner; just looking at it makes me ache. Still, I'm so happy. After living in one place for five years, I was so bored. I've wanted something new to happen for a few years, and I feel like my life just got a lot more interesting. The next year is going to be so exciting!


  1. What an exciting announcement. I'm going to have to house hunt vicariously through you! Eee! Excitement! And could K be any cuter posing for the camera? :)

    1. Eee! I know, I'm so excited. I've never lived with a boyfriend before, and I'm so HAPPY. And when I showed K your comment, he looked super-pleased and said, "NO. Couldn't be ANY cuter." Uh-oh, you've created a monster... :D

      We're making lists of criteria our house MUST have. Mainly, a fenced yard and lots of big windows to let in sunshine. What do you want in a future home?


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