Friday, May 11, 2012

Mid Century Wonders: Cram's Universal Terrestrial Globe No. 105

I love my new-old globe! I'd wanted a globe for a while, as part of my ongoing quest to outfit my living room with all the best accoutrements of a third grade classroom. Dino models? Check! Easel? Check! Science diagrams posing as art? Check! OK, time to remove  my tongue from my cheek. 

I see old globes often, but they're usually overpriced. Fifty bucks for one of these? Hell no! But last weekend I found this beauty at a little antique shop in Centralia, Illinois for just $15, and it's perfect. It's marked Cram's Terrestrial Globe, 10.5 Inch, No. 105. It has pleasingly geometric mid-century legs, a killer font on the gold arc that holds the globe in place, and amusingly obsolete names for many nations: Tanganyika instead of Tanzania? Burma instead of Bangladesh? Ceylon instead of Sri Lanka? And what the heck is Bechuanaland?! Using those obsolete names and this useful website, Keith and I dated the globe to sometime between 1957 - 1961.

Nevermind the globe; check out the quintessentially mid-century legs!
Nevermind the legs; check out the archetypical mid-century font!
Since Tanganyika and the brontosaurus have gone the same way, it seems fitting that the dinosaurs keep the globe company, no? Can't get enough of old globes? Or additional pictures might help you date or identify your own globe? Click for more.

Okay, I've really got to go to work now.
Have a great weekend, you!


  1. I love globes, but this one may take the cake. Love the legs (that sounds a little creepy out of context now that I re-read this comment). What a steal! Won't you come decorate my house?

    1. Ha! On Facebook I posted about the globe's SEXY LEGS. It does sound creepy so why not play it up? I would LOVE to decorate a friend's house! If you send me your ideas and a description of the room and some of the stuff you definitely want to use, I'd be glad to make a mood board for you.

  2. This is the same globe we had at my house as a girl. Matter of fact, COULD be our globe!

    1. Stranger things have happened in Clinton County! Didn't someone find my great-grandpa's engraved doorknocker at an antique store up there and give it to you?

  3. Someone found it and my dear husband bought it and gave it to me.


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