Monday, May 7, 2012

Rainbow Cupcakes and Pinwheel Citrus Centerpieces

Congratulations to my cousin Melissa and her husband, Daryn! They tied the knot on Saturday, and it was  so much fun to celebrate with them and introduce Keith to my family in Illinois. Look at those grins! It was such a beautiful day, and a much-needed reason to smile after saying goodbye to Grandma on Thursday morning.
Photo Credit goes to my sister Erin, who snapped this perfect pic during the recessional.
I was so excited to talk to my cousins, uncles, and aunts that I barely took any pictures. But here are the few photos I snapped before everyone else arrived at the reception. The reception decor was bright and cheerful, and I loved their cupcake tower and creative centerpieces. These colors and decorating ideas would be equally pretty at a luau, backyard bash, or summertime barbecue. Now I want to throw a party just so I can make centerpieces like theirs!
RAINBOW CUPCAKES!!! Enough said.
The centerpieces with pinwheels, ferns, and real lemons and limes smelled so good.
I'd never seen centerpieces with real fruit. How clever and pretty is that?!
But wait; there's more!

Our uncle Rick is a baker, and he specializes in fancy flavored cheesecakes.
His chocolate mousse and key lime cheesecake bites were deliciously decadent.
If you ever go to Centralia Illinois, visit his shop, Say Cheese Cake!
The kids danced more than the adults. Check out the adorable dresses--the girls matched the cupcakes!
I loved watching Keith talk to my cousins and their husbands. He fits in with my family so well, and I was proud to introduce him to everyone. And he was so patient with us the following morning, when we spent many hours going through old family photos at Grandma's house. Thank you, sweetheart.

My desire to throw a party and make centerpieces is at odds with my exhaustion. After making two trips to Illinois in one week and spending so many hours in the car... insert grumpy grumble noises here. My house is a wreck from packing and re-packing, and before I do anything else I just want to get everything in order again, stretch my legs with a hike at Radnor Lake after all that time in the car, and then relax with Downton Abbey. But the next few days are packed with work and social obligations. When am I ever going to discover whether Matthew and Lady Mary end up together, despite this random Lavinia woman who recently appeared at Downton from out of nowhere?! Le sigh.


  1. Those cupcakes and little girls are just delightful.

    1. The children were precious! I was so jealous of their dresses; they were obviously more comfortable than the adults were. My mom gave me and my sisters significant looks all night, asking, "When do I get to be a grandma?" Umm... talk to the married daughter, mom! :)


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