Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tennessee Renaissance Festival 2012

Ahoy, ye brave knights and lusty wenches! Keith and I spent the day at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, and this weekend's theme was Pirate Invasion. We enjoyed a gorgeous day at Castle Gwynn!  We watched a joust, a bawdy troubadour, and serendipitously found ourselves in the middle of a fairy picnic. Keith threw knives, and I bought a beautiful new charm for my bracelet. We saw rescued birds of prey and ran into lots of friends. The locally brewed beer and shepherd's pie were tasty, and it was a fantastic day!
I thought he was a gorgeously detailed piece of art... until he opened his eyes and stuck his tongue out at me!
Axel the Sot
They had a fantastic selection of Elizabethan paper doll books and academic texts on Medieval history.
I bought a beautiful phoenix charm from this booth. 

So many more pictures under the cut...

Her work is beautiful; I wanted this so badly! See more of her art glass here. 
Keith: "What is that contraption he holds? Is he a WIZARD?!"
Ren fair HIPSTER!
If you're in the Nashville area, visit the fair next weekend and see the Royal Jousting Tournament. Save room for a turkey leg, bring a few bottles of water, be sure to visit Castle Gwynn, and don't wear sandals. The steep gravel paths left my poor sandaled feet raw.

What did you do last weekend?


  1. Hazzah! Love it all. We used to live close to the Renaissance Fair grounds, alas no more.

  2. Thank you, fair lady! Alas, no lively lords and lovely lasses in yer backyard? :(

  3. If Carnival workers are called "Carnies" What do they call Renfaire workers?

    1. Ha! I was thinking the same thing yesterday. FAIRIES!! :D

  4. I've never been to a Renaissance fair before - looks like a good time. Nice coin belt!


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