Friday, June 22, 2012

In Which Jen and Keith Go To Texas, Tricia and Jason Get Hitched, and the Queso Flows Freely

Last Thursday, Keith and I took off for his aunt's wedding in Tyler, Texas. I was so excited to meet his extended family and go on our longest road trip yet. Here we're smiling because we didn't know how awful those 13 hours on the road would be! We hate Arkansas! Every little thing that could go wrong did: The interstates looked like parking lots, the bathroom lines were so long they snaked through the gas stations, and a car fire blocked a bridge just 15 miles from our final destination. 
The next day, as we drove to Keith's grandparents' house, I realized I wasn't even slightly nervous about meeting them. That was weird! I've always been terrified when it's time to meet a boyfriend's family, and for good reason--it's always been awkward. But Joyce and Marty were so warm and welcoming. Their home reminded me of my parents' house, and I felt so comfortable there. I love storytellers, and as soon as I arrived, Marty was telling me stories about his dog, the caterer, and Keith's great grandparents. When he asked me about myself, all of my responses were met with resounding approval. By the time we went to the rehearsal dinner, I felt like a part of the family.
Don't the bride and groom look like movie stars? Tricia and Jason are obviously so smitten! 

When we weren't stuffing out faces with queso, Keith and I took lots of pictures. The lighting was a bit off, but I love these. That's Keith's brother Sam, cousin Forrest, grandmother Joyce, and aunt Jackie.

Keith's uncle David and cousin Molly

Keith's brother Ryan and cousin Zach

Keith's parents, Laura and John

We spent the early part of the next day at Marty and Joyce's, and got ready there in the afternoon. 
This is my favorite picture of Keith from this trip.

Keith taught his brother, Ryan, to tie a Windsor knot.

Marty and John

Keith's mom, Laura, finally not blinking.

Keith's cousin Molly and aunt Jackie were Tricia's attendants.

We barely got any nice pictures of Tricia and Jason. They were constantly in motion, dancing and greeting their guests. But I do like this shot. Her dress was so pretty and simple. No silly floof, just a radiant bride!

Hi. We like each other.

Marty and Joyce have been married fifty years. Aww.

Keith's first friend, Denise, came to the reception. I'd heard so many stories about their friendship. They even rode in a limo and tasted their first champagne together when they were the ring bearer and flower girl at Keith's mother's wedding. Denise lives four hours away in Austin, but she was visiting Tyler for her baby shower. It was such a pleasant surprise to meet her and her mother, Linda. Can you believe Denise's first baby will be born in just two months?! She's gorgeous!

Sam and Joyce

Keith definitely inherited his crooked grin from Marty!

Sam and his girlfriend Haley are adorable.

Yeah, it was a good party.

I caught Tricia's bouquet! When the girls lined up to catch the flowers, everyone started cheering for me. I felt a little bad for the other girls, but I couldn't let everyone down... right? Marty and Tricia might have rigged the bouquet toss; we'll never know! (cue mysterious chin-stroking and an evil laugh) After Tricia and Jason made their getaway, we ended the evening at Joyce and Marty's house.

On Sunday we had lunch and dinner with family and ended up at Jackie and David's house, talking about house-hunting and telling stories about how all the couples met. Of course, those are two of my favorite topics, so I was in heaven. Marty asked Joyce out because he fell in love at first sight with her shiny new convertible--and proposed on the third date! Aww. It was a wonderful weekend, full of happy surprise appearances by special friends and unexpected family members. And queso. Lots and lots of orange queso! The return trip went smoothly; we love Louisiana! Can we go to Disneyworld NOW? I had so much fun with Keith's family, I don't want to wait until December to see them again.


  1. Aww this is so cute! I enjoyed reading and looking at all the pictures. It was great meeting you last weekend.

    1. It was nice meeting you, too! Hope you have a great rest of the summer before you head off to college. Maybe I'll be seeing you again in December at Disney? :)

  2. Keith's mom looks so young! As in... younger than him! Lol. You guys look great and the wedding too ;-)


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