Friday, June 1, 2012

Moonlight Madness: A Summer Reading Program Based on Clue

Hello, librarians! Are you looking for a unique and engaging Summer Reading Program for adults that you can easily implement with a handful of creativity and just a wee bit of cash? Check this out! I'm so excited about my library's summer reading program. Our creative and talented Programming Coordinator created a completely original summer reading program game for adults based on Clue. I think it's brilliant, but I might be biased--I'm a suspect! My colleagues and I had fun getting into character and posing for our pictures. Which one of these lovely ladies do YOU think was the killer?


A male identified to be approximately in his late 40’s to early 50’s has been found dead in the library. His body was removed for an autopsy and the police are investigating the crime.

No witnesses have been found.  After further investigation the following information has been determined regarding the victim, and all alleged suspects who may or may not be connected to what police have ruled a homicide.

Mr. Vickery is a new volunteer that has been with the Library for four weeks. His duties include shelving materials on Tuesdays and working in the Administration Office on Fridays. On the evening of the crime, he agreed to work after hours to help move shelving and furniture for a large fundraising event taking place the next day.


Vic’s fiancĂ©e is soft-spoken, sweet, and always presents herself in a reserved manner. However, she has recently been prone to dramatic outbursts about the attention Vic is giving to other female staff members of the Library. She walks around mumbling under her breath, because Vic has been driving her half-mad with jealousy!

The Library Director is adored by all her staff. She loves to laugh and has many eligible suitors knocking at her door. However, she rarely agrees to go out with anyone. This may have something to do with the fact that she was once engaged to Vic Vickery, who broke her heart when he called off their engagement… BY A TEXT MESSAGE! Prior to her present career in Library Science, Susan earned a degree in chemistry and had worked five years for a prominent pharmaceutical company.

The Southern Diva works in Tech Services at the Library. She loves anything that sparkles, the color pink, and her tiara. You seldom see her without her stiletto heels! She has been carrying a personal vendetta against Vic Vickery ever since he took over her family’s pew in church. That's a crime worse than murder in the South!

The Master Gardener has been the Children’s Librarian at the library for 25 years. She has the patience of a saint dealing with high-spirited children day in and out. In her spare time, she has spent ten years nurturing a Titan arum, better known as the Corpse Flower, which only blooms once every 10 years. Days before the flower was expected to bloom, her next door neighbor’s dog jumped her fence and destroyed her prize possession. Her screams were heard throughout the neighborhood: She would get her revenge on Vic Vickery!

The Chameleon is Vic Vickery's long-lost step-sister. She earned the title "The Chaneleon" because she changes her name and appearance as often as necessary to escape the deep, dark secret that has haunted her family for the past decade. It's a secret that is well known to Vic Vickery… a secret that, if exposed, would destroy her!

The Librarian was Vic Vickery's high school classmate. Vic tried to coerce her into doing all his homework. When she refused and threatened to turn him into the Principal, Vic planted marijuana in her locker and turned her in to the authorities. She was expelled and ostracized for the remainder of her high school years.

The following items have been found near the crime scene:

·         One Stiletto Heel – found just outside the library main entrance
·         Poisoned Envelope – found on the floor of the Director’s office (the glue was laced with poison)
·         Fallen Chandelier – found in pieces on the floor of the library (hanging cable had been tampered with)
·         Garden Shears – found hidden behind a stack of books
·         Revolver – found lying in the grass at the back of the library
·         Lamp Cord – found in a waste basket at the reference station

I feel so lucky to work with such fun, creative people. I love my job!
This is how the game works:

When readers sign up for the program, they receive a detective kit with cards depicting the characters and evidence, a map of the library, a detective notebook, a magnifying glass, and a mini flashlight. The toys are cute, but optional--you could easily run the program without them.

Each room in the library is associated with a different genre. To play, readers must read a book in the correct genre to enter a room. After reading the book and writing a review in the detective notebook, readers may come to the reference desk to present their review and make a guess. A librarian will tell them which parts of their guess--if any--are correct. And then it's back to the stacks for another book! Readers who solve the mystery will be entered into a drawing to win fabulous prizes. Our grand prize is a Kindle Fire. Um, hello. I want that!

I know a few other librarians are reading this (*waves* Hi, I know you're there!), so I thought it would be nice to share this idea. What kind of summer reading program do you have at your library?


  1. Love! Way better than a personal pan pizza.

    1. Aww, BOOKIT! :D Wow, I'd forgotten about that.


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