Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Makeup Reviews - Yes, Orange Lipstick CAN Be Pretty! Or, Why Operation: Cohabitation Requires Me To Buy Makeup

Are you looking for new summer makeup? Read on! Operation: Cohabitation is in full swing at my house. I've been busy getting my place ready to be a two-person home, starting with the bathroom. There are just two drawers in there, and one of them was a scary makeup graveyard. Don't play--you know you have one, too! I had lipsticks, congealed bottles of foundation, and broken blushes lurking from when I lived in Los Angeles seven years ago. Barf.

Armed with this list of makeup expiration dates, I mercilessly purged the drawers, vacuumed out the insides, laundered my nearly empty makeup bags, and presented a pristine drawer to Keith. Then I went out to buy new makeup, of course! It was a hit or miss shopping trip, but you can learn from my mistakes.

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush
I hate powder blush because it usually looks chalky and fake, but a lot of cream blushes break me out. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush is my new favorite drugstore blush. It blends easily, stays put all day, doesn't give me zits, and looks just as pretty as my beloved Stila Convertible Color, but at less than half the price. I love it so much, I bought it in two colors. My only complaint is that the packaging doesn't seem airtight; I think one of my blushes is already drying out. But for $7.99, who cares? Highly recommended.
Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner
I'm not a liquid eyeliner expert, but my favorite vintage bloggers (I'm looking at you and you!) make me want to be. I imagined that a felt-tip applicator would be easiest, so I tried Maybelline's Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. For two weeks, I loved it. It applied easily and made me feel like a vintage diva, but then it dried out completely and tugged at my skin. After just two weeks?! Eyeliner fail! Not recommended.
Covergirl Eyeshadow Quads in Urban Basics, Dynamite Drama, Blue Notes, and Pure Romance
I threw away almost all my eye shadow when I purged my old makeup. Covergirl is cheap, so I didn't feel bad about stocking up on their eyeshadow. But oh, you always get what you pay for! Don't get me wrong; the colors are pretty, they blend and wear well, and they don't fade by the end of the day. Urban Basics, in particular, is very flattering and perfect to wear to work. And Dynamite Drama is surprisingly easy to wear; I love the gold shade. But, they crumble and break if you even look at the compact wrong. If I'm not careful, they're going to make a huge mess. I'll buy Urban Basics again because the colors are perfect for me, but I'll look elsewhere for fun, high-drama colors. Mostly not recommended.
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner in Black
After chucking out the Maybelline liquid eyeliner, I bought Revlon instead. I like that it looks like a wand dipped in an inkpot; it feels charmingly old-fashioned and dependable. I'm still a liquid eyeliner novice, and this eyeliner has a firm stylus tip instead of a flexible brush, which offers a lot of control and makes application very easy. Last week someone even admired my eye makeup and asked me what eyeliner brand I use. WIN! I'll definitely buy it again when this expires or dries out. Highly recommended.
Olay Regenerist Night Resurfacing Elixir
Buying so many cosmetics made me want to do something nice for my skin. So after reading this great review, I picked up this mild alpha hydroxy acid treatment. I'm 30, and if I take good care of my skin now, I'm hoping to reap the benefits later. The product itself is thin, dries quickly, and doesn't feel strange or tight. After using it for nearly a month, I love what it's done to my face. My complexion is clearer than it's been in years, marks from old acne have faded considerably, and the fine lines I was beginning to notice are much more subtle. I look more awake and refreshed. I raved about it so much that Keith bought it, too, and I'll definitely continue using it. Highly recommended.

I also bought gorgeous fluffy white Calvin Klein towels, hand towels, and washcloths. They're so luxurious! From now on, all my ratty old towels will be used as dog bedding. As soon as Keith brings over the medicine cabinet I gave him as a housewarming present two years ago, we'll be done fixing up the bathroom. Now to go through my closets... Ugh!

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