Thursday, July 12, 2012

Three Days in Destin

It's been a rough couple of weeks. Keith moved in on June 24, and we spent the next week sorting through his boxes and asking each other important questions like, "Why do you have a half-pound bag of bay leaves?" and "Is this picture hung evenly?" and "Seriously, dude. Half a pound of bay leaves? Are you going to make a wreath out of them?"
Okay, so I was joking when I said that. But Williams-Sonoma says bay leaf wreaths are a thing!
Keith, you'd better hide your bay leaves from me, or I'm going to make one. 
The day we finished getting Keith settled, we both got sick. Public libraries are nasty, and I'm exposed to a lot of germs at work. People like to use toilet paper for bookmarks, so we know where that book has been. Consequently, I have an immune system of steel, and on the rare occasions when I do get ill, I get Oh-my-God-I'm-going-to-die sick. For a full week, I did nothing but flail about in search of Kleenex, sleep, and play Skyrim. I was all I hate everything ever! Except for my Orcish Bow of Scorching! It got really bad when I didn't even want to go outside to look at fireworks on the Fourth of July.

So our first two weeks of cohabitation were very glamorous. But the day after I kicked my cold, we jetted off to Destin with my family. Three days of white sand, rum drinks, crabbing, reading Jasper Fforde poolside, kissing in the ocean, Apples to Apples, shopping at Fossil, fresh fish, and laughing with my sister Kelly at Sterling Shores made everything better.
Hello, sunburn.

Denim = SPF 1,00,000.

Destin was wonderful, but I'm so glad we're home. I'm eager to see friends! Aside from the Protomen show, I feel like I haven't done anything social in weeks. As much as I love my Orcish Bow of Scorching, it's time to get out of the house.

P.S. I said I was going to post lipstick reviews with color swatches and everything, but I lied. When I said that, I didn't realize how much lips look like butts. SEE?! I'm only going to make you look at this once. Ugh.


  1. You poor thing! Glad you're feeling better so the bay leaf mystery can be better examined.

    1. Aww, thanks. I missed blogging! I was so sick I didn't go online for days, which was sobering. It made me realize I was really very sick.

      Keith is so funny: "At the Indian grocery store, they sell a huge bag of bay leaves for the same price as a few of them at Kroger. It's economical!" What do you think of the bay leaf wreath? Pretty Christmas decor, or possibly too smelly?


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