Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Three Paint Trays, Two Cheese Fondue Pots, and One Very Happy Birthday Girl

My Mom called last week and asked me, "What do you want to do on your birthday?" Oh, right... birthday! I like making a big to-do over my friends on their birthdays, but I feel awkward calling attention to my own birthday. I don't want to be bossy, or act like a diva. Some people take it too far and say, "Don't make any plans; it's my birthday weekend." *ahem* Birthdays last for a day!

And as my mother likes to point out, she did all the work on the day of my birth, so perhaps the day should honor her instead? So when Mom asked, I was almost joking when I said, "Let's have a paint party. Come to my house and help me paint my dining room!"

I thought I was pushing my luck, but she loved the idea. On Saturday, Mom and Dad came to my house with rollers, paint pans, brushes, and a step ladder. We painted my dining room and hallway a gorgeous pale blue-gray. See it in the picture below--it's so much calmer than the red I previously had on that wall. Mom's enthusiasm made it fun, and it turned out beautifully because of Dad's careful attention to detail. I'm thrilled with the new color!

After we cleaned up, I took a nap and slept off a fume-induced headache. When I woke up, we went to a fantastic party thrown by new friends I met through GMX. I love these people; they're so enthusiastic. When I'm with them, I never feel like an idiot for giddily bouncing up and down when I talk about Neil Gaiman or Gary Oldman. Cool is overrated; it isn't fun. I'll take earnest "I love this!" over irony any day. We stayed late, and when we got home, Keith told me it was time to open my birthday present.

He gave me an iPad. 
Oh. My. God.
I love it.
There is a bird on my head.
My actual birthday was Sunday. Keith and I spent the day relaxing at home playing with the iPad, then had a delicious dinner at The Melting Pot. When we were seated, I gasped--the table was strewn with rose petals! Our dinner was perfect, with a second pot of cheese fondue instead of dessert, and we discovered a delicious new libation: Wells Banana Bread Beer, which tastes exactly like it sounds.. Here's the really funny part, though: Our server packed up the rose petals in a box for us to take home. Who does that?! "I'll have the rose petals to go." The box is on my kitchen table, and I have no idea what to do with it.

Cat toys?

Meanwhile, all my friends left sweet messages on my Facebook page, and they're going to be included, too. The fun isn't over: Keith's birthday is next Sunday, and we're having a joint party on Saturday. There's just one problem... What do you get for the guy who has wants everything?!


  1. Happy belated birthday! And omg, that banana bread beer sounds amazing!

    1. Thanks! It was fantastic. My friend Mara says if you mix it with Young's Chocolate Stout, you get choconana beer. And both are at Whole Foods. BRAIN EXPLODING. Want!!

  2. I think you chose the Bookbook cover. Am I right?

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I have always wanted to try The Melting Pot. I'm glad you were a princess for the day. :-)

    1. Thank you! :) Yes, definitely try The Melting Pot. If you like cheese, you'll love it. It's definitely a date restaurant (almost every table was occupied by a couple), so it would be perfect for your anniversary. Look at the menu online before you go, too. It's a little overwhelming, and it's good to have an idea of what you want before you arrive. I wish I'd done that. :-/


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