Monday, August 20, 2012

Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday was perfect. I spent the morning laughing with Keith and teasing the puppies. Later, I took a walk to buy raspberries and fancy cheese for girls' night out at Shakespeare in the Park. But I have a problem: West Elm and Anthropologie are between my house and Kroger. Oh, the temptation! I reasoned that it would be practical to shop cool off in their air conditioning.

West Elm Butterfly Shower Curtain
At West Elm, the butterfly shower curtain I've been admiring for months was finally on sale! It's the perfect combination: An antique botanical print with the stark, black and white simplicity of pop art. $49.00, the original price, was too much for me to justify, but $29 was just right. I was so excited to finally buy it!
Brooklyn Hard Candy
On the way to the cash register, I saw these gorgeous apothecary bottles with pretty cork lids marked down from $8.00 to just $1.97. I was put off by the garish, unnatural color of the candy inside, but I bought a jar of Wild Strawberry candy anyway. I knew I'd reuse the bottle. Major bonus: It's really tasty! They're like Luden's Cherry cough drops, except you're actually meant to eat them like candy. Yum.
West Elm Bedroom with Sunset throw in Goldenrod
The only other thing that really tempted me at West Elm was this mustard colored throw. I have a weakness for throws, but I think they're terribly overpriced. Fifty or sixty dollars for a mini-blanket half the size of the blanket on my bed? Yeah, right! This one felt wonderfully luxurious, though, and the color is so rich in person. It's definitely going on my Christmas wish list.
Peaceful Swan Cardi from PB&J Boutique
After stopping at West Elm, I visited Anthropologie, but nothing really excited me. I was hoping to find cardigans like this, and I didn't see anything similar. I just discovered Knitted Dove, and I'm so smitten with their elaborately designed, vaguely Art Deco cardigans. I came home, looked online, and discovered that the store next door to Anthropologie does carry Knitted Dove. D'oh. I'll be stopping there soon.
Black and White Anemones
Black and white anemones! Why am I showing you black and white anemones? Because I like them. It's like Andy Warhol and God collaborated. I really, really wish the floral department at Kroger carried them. Kroger? Are you listening?

Edgar Allen Poe's psychedelic nightmare!  Click the link for butterfly templates. 
Whoa. Why am I showing you this riotous cacophony of butterflies à la bibliothèque? Because the image is so arresting! Martha Stewart calls it Halloween decor, but I call it gorgeous. Wouldn't a few of those butterflies look pretty perched on your computer at work, or on the edge of a lampshade, or maybe even on a barettte? The template is online, and free. Click the link--you know you want to!

It was a wonderful Sunday.

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