Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Modern Floral Upholstery Options

Decisions, decisions! I'm looking for a new fabric to use on the four chairs around my kitchen table, and I'm not sure what to choose. We use these chairs constantly, so they need to be covered in something sturdy, like home decorator or upholstery-weight fabric. This limits my choices and makes shopping a bit easier. I've decided I want a modern, cheery floral on a white background. I'd strongly prefer to incorporate the colors in the living room rug, because the dining area and living room are really one  big open space, and I'd like for things to match.

Tracy in Beachcomber by Richloom
I love this print, but I think the background is too taupe. I want something with a whiter background.
Loulouthi in Tart by Anna Maria Horner
It's velveteen! It would be so fuzzy. I like that.
This one is a strong contender. I LOVE Anna Maria Horner's designs (I used one of her prints
when I upholstered my headboard), and velveteen would be very durable and luxurious.
It's a huge print, so not all the chairs would look identical, and I like that.
Cevennes in River by Richloom
I love anemones and the white background. This is also a strong contender.
But I'm not famiilar with Richloom. Can anyone vouch for their fabrics' durability?
Amelia in Graffiti
This one is just fun. Rainbow anemones? Yay! I also like that it has the same shades of plum and raspberry red
that are in the living room rug. Again, I don't know the manufacturer, though, so I don't trust the quality.
Santa Maria in Gem by Waverly
I love these colors, but the print isn't my favorite. It's a structured damask, and I want a more playful floral.
But it's Waverly, and I trust that name. Their fabrics are high-quality. I know it would be durable.

What do you think? Vote!


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  2. I vote for the Amelia in Graffiti, but they are all cute. =)

  3. I agree, Amelia in Graffiti matches the rug best too. I wish it had white in it.

  4. I'm voting for Loulouthi in Tart, love the boldness of it

    1. Me too--and the fact that it's velveteen makes it seem more fun, right? :)


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