Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shakespeare in the Park, or, Much Ado About Gorgeous Vintage Clothing. I Need Polka-Dotted Swing Trousers!

On Sunday, my vivacious friend Stephanie and I met up to see a funny and stylish 1940s musical version of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing at Centennial Park. From the opening scene, I loved it. The boys are coming home from World War II, and loves and intrigues abound at Leonata's diner... not to mention beautiful vintage outfits!

Barkcloth circle skirts! Handsome men in Navy whites! Saddle shoes and two-tone Mary Jane heels! Victory rolls, polka-dotted swing trousers, rhinestone brooches, and villains in devilish red and black zoot suits. I was in vintage clothing heaven. Oh, and the live band? SO much fun! Maybe it's silly, but I love the cheerful cheesiness of community theater.

Leonata, Antonia, Hero, and Beatrice... Don't you want to crash their cocktail hour and raid their closets?!
Beatrice (Evelyn O'Neal Brush), the sassy dame in the polka-dotted pants, was a hilarious fast-talking dynamo. Go to see her, and stay for Claudio (Steven Fiske)'s adorable poutyface and for the Wes Anderson-esque squad of Scouts that steal the show in the second act. The costumes and set design have a very Moonrise Kingdom look, so if you liked that film, you'll appreciate this production. The show continues until September 16--Don't miss it!

Let's play FIND THAT VILLAIN! Can you find the bad boy, based alone on his devilish cowlicks?

Tips for attending Shakespeare in the Park:

1. Immediately in front of the stage is an area for picnickers with blankets and small chairs. Behind that is a semi-circle ring of bleacher style seating. Bring a blanket and sit at the very front! Seeing the small details made the show so much better, and the actors hid among us during one scene, which was fun.

2. The show begins at 7:30. But if you're bringing a picnic meal, arrive at about 6:45. I arrived right as the show began, and I felt self-conscious eating during the show.

3. Remember to bring a $10 donation!


  1. Wow, the girl who played Hero looks EXACTLY like another Nashville blogger I know... I had to do a double-take (and check the cast names). How funny!

    I miss going to Shakespeare in the Park... it's hard to get a good crowd since most of my friends aren't into that kind of stuff. They'll come for the food, but I can't afford to feed them all for free :) Putting a 40s musical spin on it sounds awesome, though! Might have to try to go before it's over :)

    1. Are you thinking she looks like The Fiercest Lilliputian? I thought so, too!

      Oh my gosh, it was so great. I hate to say this, but it was better than I expected. Since it was a musical adaptation, it didn't have the usual stuffy, overwrought Shakespeare feel. It was just really kitschy and cute. If you can find one vintage-obsessed girl who will go with you to ogle the clothes, that's enough.


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