Friday, September 28, 2012

Design Challenge: Electronics! Or, a Television is Like a Wart on the Face of Your Living Room.

Now I know why all the gorgeous house tours on Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge don't show pictures of TVs and home entertainment centers: They're ugly! This weekend, I'm going to try to get our new entertainment area sorted. 

The new TV is huge, and I grin every time I look at it. Let's just say David Duchovny has never looked this good in my living room. And of course, I love the Broyhill Brasilia credenza even more. It's not as deep as the old TV cabinet, so the room feels bigger.
Hey, look over here! Don't look at the TV yet!
This is so much prettier than chucking our junk in the corner and putting a chair in front of it, right?
But this is getting expensive! The new TV required the new-old credenza, which was totally okay with me. It also required new cables, and it's also going to require a new sound system and one of these. Can we stop shopping and start watching TV yet?

The Stonehenge sized speakers, circa 1978, annoy me. They simply don't work with this setup. They looked alright with a tall, thin TV cabinet , but they don't work with a long, low credenza. I don't want to get rid of them, because they sound like angels singing and trumpets blaring and the heavens opening in a blaze of glory. But they need to join the witness protection program until we have a home large enough for them. And Keith wants a new receiver, because our current one isn't HDMI compatible. Whatever that means. If it means we get new sound equipment, yippeeeeeeee!!

In the meantime, I've rearranged the living room to make the new setup less awkward. Instead of spreading our small storage pieces around the room, I put them together. Keith's instruments, my craft supplies, and our linens now live in the infamous love corner. Whether or not it's good feng shui, I like it. All the instruments look so Nashville.

Here's a peek at the credenza of love--and the speakers of shame.
To do this weekend: 
1. Take down the gold mirror above the TV.
2. Wrangle the cords under the credenza and make them invisible.
3. Let Mr. Audio Engineering Degree figure out the speaker situation while I sip a fancy drink.
4. Sew new throw pillows for the sofa (OK, let's be honest - I'm doing that next week!).

How did you set up your TV area? Do you like it, or did you accept that televisions and home entertainment centers look wonky, and go on with life?


  1. I wish I could set our tv on an awesome credenza! Unfortunately, our living room has a bad layout for a tv (I'll blame it on the fact that the house was built in 1930 haha). Pretty much the only place to put it is hanging above the fireplace. Which I personally think looks tacky as hell, but whatever.

    I do have a credenza in the living room, though it just houses all the movies & vcr in the drawers, and all my video game systems in the cabinet. The only electronics we keep out are the bluray and the surround sound (which actually isn't hooked up yet, nor is the tv hung... baby steps!), which are shoved inside the actual fireplace. Ha!

  2. I hear ya! That's why it's hard to make a TV setup look good: Modern technology doesn't jibe with older architecture and furniture. Grr.

    Over the mantle setups don't look so bad, as long as you can hide the cords. Is that too high for comfortable viewing, though? I've seen some TVs set up in the fireplace that looked awesome. And who actually uses fireplaces anymore?

  3. I would love to stash my tv on top of a beautiful credenza but my sucky weird tv wall is a whopping 39 inchs long. I am green with envy over your Broyhill Brasilia find.

    1. Haha, thanks! I'm having a hard time making it work because the credenza isn't big enough to hold the DVD player and receiver inside. If you ever find yourself purchasing a credenza for this purpose, measure that stuff BEFORE you buy. Oops.

      But 39 inches, wow! That IS a design challenge. You were looking for a ladder style shelf, right? Did that work out?


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