Friday, September 14, 2012

I Love Fall! Autumn Grapevine Wreath with Felt Flowers and Sweet Gum Pods

Are you excited about woolen scarves and pumpkin flavored everything? Me, too! I can't wait for sweater weather and apple cider. To celebrate the beginning of fall, I made this autumn wreath last night. It was so easy, and I already had almost all the supplies. I only had to spend a buck on felt! But when I bought the felt, I priced the supplies at Michael's. If you already have a glue gun and string, you could make this for under $10.

If you want to make one, too, this is what you'll need:
1. One grapevine wreath ($2.99)
2. Five sheets of felt in autumnal colors ($0.20 each)
3. Sweet gum pods or acorns collected from the backyard (optional)
4. Two sparkly floral picks (optional) ($1.99 each)
5. Leaves from fake flowers (or make felt leaves)
6. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
7. A small piece of string (to hang your wreath)
8. Scissors

Click for Instructions...
1. Grab your felt, scissors, and glue gun, and turn on the X-Files. Scully and Mulder running through dark woods and crunching the leaves seems very autumnal, right? While you look for the truth (it's out there!), use The Craft Snob's fabric flower tutorials to make lots and lots of felt flowers. I used the Pomela and Olivia instructions. The Pomela makes a big, showy chrysanthemum, and the Olivia makes a demure rosette. Hint: For maximum felt economy, as well as for visual balance, I recommend using at least 4 different colors, and making one Pomela and two small Olivias per sheet of felt.

2. You have a huge mess of felt flowers? Good! Assemble all your other supplies and arrange the flowers, leaves, sweet gum pods, and floral picks on the wreath until you like what you see. Cut up the floral picks, if you want. Don't just start gluing stuff to your wreath at random. Take your time! When you like what you see, snap a digital picture. As you attach the flowers, if you forget how it was supposed to look, refer to the picture. Now you can use hot glue to glue everything on.

3. You're almost finished! Cut a small piece of string, loop it around a thick piece of grapevine on the back of the wreath, and tightly tie it off. You're done! Hang that wreath, and go pour some apple cider.

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