Friday, September 21, 2012

Vivien Leigh meets Joan Collins Meets Loungewear: Vintage Olga Nightgowns

A few years ago, I re-read A Streetcar Named Desire and decided to spend quiet summer evenings lounging around the house like Blanche DuBois, wearing something lacy and holding a cool drink. And a book, naturally! So I picked up a few vintage Olgas at Pre to Post Modern. Are you familiar with Olga nightgowns? They're as pretty as evening gowns, but as comfy as yoga pants. I can't figure out why Olga stopped making them! I've tried other brands, and they just can't compete with Olga's quality and fit.

The bodice on an Olga is super-stretchy and supportive, even if your cup size sounds like a really bad spelling test score. And the skirt... the skirt! A full sweep Olga nightgown has 180+ inches of silky, swirling fabric. That's 15 feet of princessy awesomeness, folks! Little did I know, I was paying pyrite prices for vintage gold. Now I want to replace my Olgas add to my collection, but they're much pricer than I realized. For now, I'll just dream of owning these beauties.

Olga Bodysilk Vintage Nightgown.
From yesterdayselegance on ebay
Red Twist Front Olga Nightgown with 200+ inch sweep.
From MarvelsVintage on etsy.
 This sassy mannequin is scaring me.
Olga Deep Plunge Stretch Lace Nightgown with 160 inch sweep.
From empressjade on etsy
Raspberry Pink Olga Nightgown with 190 inch sweep. OMG WANT.
From BoudoirBarbie on etsy.
Olga Water Lilies Short Nightgown.
From MarvelsVintage on etsy.

It's a departure from the usual full sweep, but it's so cute!
Wouldja look at that full skirt!  Black Lace Nightgown with 180 inch sweep.
It's not an Olga, but it sure looks like one!
From DixieDallas on etsy.
Do you have a vintage Olga? Can you attest to their specialness?


  1. I just wanted to thank you, belatedly, for including our gowns in your Olga feature! We love them too, and try to keep a good supply in stock. They have such a wonderful combination of style and comfort, and it is especially fun to run across styles we have not seen before. Thanks again!

  2. You're very welcome. I'm always glad to spread the word about awesome vintage. Nothing fits better than an Olga!


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