Monday, September 24, 2012

Warrior Dash: Crawling Through Mud, Jumping Over Open Flames, and Other Huge Liability Issues!

Have you heard of Warrior Dash? It's a 5K challenge with insane obstacles. If you think running over arches, through trenches, and straight into a pile of rusted automotive wreckage sounds fun, then Warrior Dash is for you. Obviously, I was out of  my element. When I see open flames, I think, "Let's toast marshmallows!" Not, "I want to jump over that!" Little Miss Heart Surgery is not an athlete; she's an athletic supporter. But she's also a huge fan of giggling at men wearing tutus, tiger stripe body paint, and viking helmets, of which there were plenty at Warrior Dash.

Oh yeah, and Keith ran the dash with his coworkers. Go Team Keith and Colleagues!

This man has a love/hate relationship with  my camera: Pay attention to me! Pay attention to me!
Put the camera away! Put the camera away! Are you going to blog that?
BONNAROO! Some of the happiest days of my life began with a walk security check under those arches.
My favorite Warrior (and what I did for 25 minutes while waiting for the dudes to run 90% of the course).
Warrior Beast what lives on human flesh and the blood of enemies?
Thirty minutes after the guys began... Hello!
At this point, everything happened so quickly, I couldn't get good shots.
Over the flames! Into the mud pit! Under the barbed wire!
The Warrior Wash consisted of a girl standing atop a fire truck, pointing a fire hose at extremely fit men.
Warrior Dash was held on the Bonnaroo property in Manchester, Tennessee. I love Bonnaroo, but I haven't been there since I met Keith (also known as The Guy Who Won't Go to Bonnaroo), and I was thrilled to be back in one of my favorite places. I kept pointing in various directions and saying, "I saw Radiohead there!" and "I saw Elvis Costello there!" and "I ate a really good sesame ginger quesadilla right there!" We stayed half the day and got sunburned to a crisp. I'm nursing a blistered nose, but it was so worth it to see Keith covered in mud and grinning like a maniac.

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  1. I've wanted to do Warrior Dash for awhile, but I'm totally not tough enough for that kind of challenge. The official photographer/blanket holder sounds like a great role. Your fire jumping picture is great.


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