Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Do Televisions, David Duchovny, and the Mid-Century Credenza of My Dreams Have in Common?

Me: "Keith and I are shopping for a larger TV."
Friend: "I saw a couple roll one out of Costco the other day. The male half looked so proud. I think he had an erection."
Me: "HA! I have no idea what we're looking at. All this high definition nonsense means nothing to me. But we're watching X-Files, and..."
Friend: "And David Duchovny should be as large as possible."
Me: "YES."

Why am I telling you this? Because David Duchovny's ideal display settings caused to me finally, finally own one of my dream design pieces: A Broyhill Brasilia credenza. The Brasilia line has the perfect mix of line and curve, beautiful solid hardwood, the medium-dark walnut finish I love, and unique matching hardware. I'm so thrilled, I can barely type this. Thank you, David Duchovny.

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Watching my TV is like seeing a play performed at the bottom of a well. So when Keith moved in, I knew we'd soon be replacing my tiny television with something more substantial. He says he needs a bigger screen because his vision is poor. Nice excuse, darlin'! So on Sunday, we went to Best Buy "just to look around." We left with a beautiful, surprisingly affordable 39 inch flat screen (and no erections).

Since the television is too wide for my current TV cabinet, we drove straight to Pre to Post Modern. I ran around touching everything and chirping, "Hey-wake Sculptura bedroom set! Saarinen Tulip Table! Broyhill Brasilia! Holy papal underpants, they have a Broyhill Brasilia credenza!" I'd only seen a Broyhill Brasilia piece in person once before, and never a credenza.

We measured. I danced in little circles. We tried to talk ourselves out of it. And then I said the magic words to Keith: "I'm not even sure our DVD player and receiver will fit inside, but I've dreamed of owning a Brasilia piece for about five years. This piece of furniture is to me what the Ovation UK II guitar was to you." Something clicked inside of his big, guitar obsessed head and he got it. 

He offered to build a small box in which to hide the receiver and DVD player on top of the credenza. And to set up an IR repeater so the remote controls will still work. Because he is resourceful and smart and he wants all my dreams to come true. The TV will stand atop the box. I prefer this to our original idea of putting everything inside the credenza and cutting holes in the back for the cords and cables. Do Brasilia credenzas cry when you cut them?  I think they might.

So, I bought the credenza, and we're bringing it home tonight. I can't wait! Our living room is finally going to lose the last aspect of its off-kilter, Tilt-a-Whirl effect. Pictures will come soon!


  1. It's fan freaking tastic. I don't have the parts to get an erection-- so no worries. Love that you were able to create a metaphor for K to get it. Difficult to do.

    1. Thanks! Excellent, no worries here. :)

      Speaking Keith's language = talking about computers and guitars. Is Bigbad much the same?

  2. Oh I'm brand new here, but I'll be a regular reader for life, as you just wrote about two of my favorite things: David Duchovny and interior design. Love that credenza!!

    1. Welcome! I'm so glad you found me here. How are YOU?


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