Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You're Wearing WHAT?! Best Halloween Costume Ideas

I said, "Keith, we need to talk about our future." He looked panicked. I giggled inwardly, then said in my most grave voice, "What are we going to be for Halloween?" I gave him an impish little grin, and we both laughed. The relief on his face was priceless! If you've read about my Pop Art or Kaylee Frye costumes, then you know I love Halloween and dressing up. But even more than that, I love the challenge of making my own costume.

The Girl with a Pearl Earring and Mona Lisa
Zoltar! This just looks fun to make. I want to do this so, so badly.
I'm wondering how annoying it would be not to have arms all day and/or night?

This year is going to be the best Halloween I've ever had: I get to wear not one, but four costumes! Naturally, I'll need just one Halloween costume. But I'm also going to be at Geek Media Expo from October 26 - 28, so I'll need a different costume for each day of the con. Right now I'm in heaven, researching and planning my outfits.

I saw a few Log Lady costumes last year, but I still love this one.
As far as Twin Peaks costumes go, this would be more comfortable than being wrapped in plastic!
Titanic survivors! A little bit Edwardian, a little bit creepy, and lots of history.

Since I'm the Book Channel Coordinator at GMX, I'd like to have at least one literary costume. Every year I wonder, "If I dress up as an Ethical Suicide Hostess, will anyone get it?" Name that story, and win my eternal friendship! Maybe this is the year for that costume. Anyway, after hours and hours of research, these are the best costumes I'm not wearing this year. You're welcome.
The House that Fell on the Wicked Witch How cute and clever is this?!
If I didn't need arms and a face at GMX, I'd make this.
Walter White from Breaking Bad. Yes, this is a child... WTF?!
I really, really want Keith to wear this so I can eat blue rock candy all night.
Animal is my favorite Muppet! Click for super-detailed instructions.
I don't especially want to dress up as Animal, but making this would be such a fun challenge.
Maybe I can convince Keith to be Animal, too? He isn't so fond of drummers, hehe!
Rapunzel, Rapunzel! You look like a creepy dude!
Again, I would wear this if I didn't need arms at GMX.
What are you going to wear for Halloween?

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  1. We did breaking bad this year...and yes my boyfriend ate a lot of blue rock candy in the process of making the costume.


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