Thursday, October 11, 2012

Afghans. Blankets. Throws. Snuggly Cuddly things.

Brr! Either I could see my breath last night, or my soul was escaping my body (I've really been watching too much X-Files). It's only going to get colder, so last week I spent lots of time shopping on etsy for the perfect afghan. I settled on one from LovelyAfghans, but these were my other favorites. I liked these so much, I bought knitting needles and promptly taught myself to knit!

At this point, the dogs won't even wear what I knit. Seriously, Cadet keeps finding ways to lose her bandana. I'm insulted! I'm hoping that by winter, though, I can make a scarf that won't embarrass a dog. Or me. I've admired Lauren's sewing blog for a long time (seriously, read her. She's so funny and talented!), and she offered to endure my knitting n00b questions. I'm joining a knitting circle! I'm pretty excited.

Look! These blankets are so pretty!
But hey, is it just me, or is it hard to say blanket without thinking progeny of Michael Jackson?

White 'n' Bright Granny Squares Afghan from OliveSomeday on etsy, $38
Ochre Chevron Stripe Afghan with Tassels from MansfieldAve on etsy, $20 
This color is perfect.
Cream Afghan with Yellow Daisies from TinkerLightning on etsy, $45
I love those corner tassels!
Gray Granny Squares Afghan from littlebyrdvintage on etsy, $60
This one is big enough to be a bedspread, and it looks so modern!
Chunky Taupe Fringed Throw from JepsonGirlsHome on etsy, $35
This would match anything and every room.
Butterscotch and Cream HUGE Knitted Throw with Luxurious Tassels from NostalgicHome on etsy, $25
Look at that thick knit! This looks so warm.


  1. Oh YAY!! So excited about this! Will I possibly be seeing you tonight? :)

  2. I want a huge basket full of afghans that I can just have beside the couch to wrap up in or bring outside for a bonfire. These are lovely (and cuddly) indeed.

    1. That sounds AWESOME. And it would justify a crocheting habit? :)

  3. Love the mustard afghan. Makes me want to take a nap right now :)

    1. Yay! It's good to see you here, Megan. :)


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