Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Created by Storm: Nature lover. Mad scientist. Artist.

Chelsea at sea field and tribe recently made me aware of Sarah Storm, an incredible painter and the proprietess of Created by Storm on etsy. Sarah paints dreamy portraits of wildlife, still life images of items from nature, and (my favorite!) naturalistic illustrations that appear to be taken straight from an antique science textbook--if said textbooks were printed with gentle washes of lapis lazuli. Sarah's prices are very reasonable, but you might win one of her 8 by 10 prints from sea field and tribe if you enter today.

Fanciful Flight
Woodland Treasures No. 2
Rustic Elegance
E is for Entomology No. 2
Winter Romance - This one can be personalized with your initials in the heart! CUUUUUUTE.


  1. Thanks so much Jen!! I am so glad you enjoy my work!!

    1. No, thank you for offering this giveaway! I'm still waiting for my print, can't wait to see it!

    2. Well I sure am glad I found you! Sorry for the wait!
      I never received any of your contact info and I have been waiting for the winner to contact me. Please message me through Etsy and let me know which print you would like and where to send it and I will get it right out to you.

    3. Oh no, I emailed you on October 18 using the e-mail address I saw on Chelsea's message. She said you were copied on it, so I assumed that was you. Drat! I'll send it through etsy instead. I'm sorry about that.

  2. Bummer I never received it! I am sorry. Glad we connected! I will be looking for your email :)


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