Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Know Nothing About Curaçao. Let's Go!

"Keith? The kitchen is a mess."

He stares at me blankly.

"Yeah, um. I had this uncommunicated fantasy that you'd clean up the kitchen, since I made dinner. I didn't tell you that, though. Okay, my bad!"
"I didn't clean up the kitchen because I was busy buying tickets to take you to the Caribbean."

Now it's my turn to stare blankly.

"We're going to Curaçao!"
"The only better excuse would be, 'Sorry, sugar. I was busy donating a kidney to save your life.'"

Best. Anniversary present. EVER. Commence crazy happy-dancing in the middle of our dirty kitchen.

We'd discussed possibly taking a trip, and a quick Google search indicated that Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao are the only three Caribbean islands practically guaranteed not to have hurricanes in October. When Keith booked the trip, that's all I knew about our destination. Oh, and I had a hazy notion that the island had something to do with the sort of fruity booze that sorority girls like. The more I learn, though, the more excited I am to be visiting Curaçao. It's so far south, it's technically South America. But it's also a Caribbean island. BUT WAIT, it's also Dutch!

Willemstad, where we'll stay, has been called the most European Caribbean capital city. It's been occupied by the Dutch since 1634.
Think European cuisine made with produce boated in from Venezuela and world-class shopping. Image credit
But wait... Curacao also has a desert! I'm telling you, this place has everything.
We're staying at a Renaissance Hotels resort built into a 15th century fort. They boast a casino, shopping mall, and "infinity beach." What's that?! "The man-made infinity pool on the second floor of the hotel is an engineering feat combining the sandy beach of Las Vegas stunner Mandalay Bay’s pool with the ocean-edge views of the infinity pool at the Sheraton Waikiki...  Ocean water is pumped up to the beach area and water pours over the infinity edge giving the illusion that it is returning back to the sea.  It’s hard to find a more tranquil spot to spend the day." WHAT. THE. HELL. It's like hot dogs: I'm repelled by the fakeness, but fascinated by process by which it was created. And also relieved to know that sharks, sea urchins, and jellyfish won't be a problem.
We're staying here. 
The rooms are pretty, too!
I'd like to line up a few guest bloggers to keep everyone entertained while I'm away. 
Want to write a guest post? Send me a message!
Is it vacation time yet?


  1. Oh my! What an amazing excuse for not doing dishes. Have fun. The time of your life! Please take pictures of this infinity beach.

    1. He's sly, that one... always has a good reason. :D

      Thank you! There will be soooo many pictures, I promise.


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