Monday, November 5, 2012

Beastly iBride Animal Portrait Trays

On Saturday, Keith and I popped into a boutique called Kore because we were both fascinated by the strange and beautiful animal portraits we saw in the window. The moment we walked in, all my stress melted out of me. I felt deliciously calm--the place was magical! We spent a wonderful half hour chatting with the owner, Jenelle Hynes, and browsing her carefully curated collection of natural skincare products, hand-knitted goods, locally made jewelry, and unusual home decor items. Keith chose a bottle of Whiskey scented aftershave and treated me to a pair of sparkly handmade earrings by RINjuel. We were a bit shocked by the prices on those weirdly wonderful animal portraits, made in France by iBride, but they're definitely going on our Christmas lists. What do you think of them?
Ao-Chin the King Dragon

Bianca the Governess

Berenice the Zebra Lady
Cornelius the Monkey Gentleman

Bel Ami Bookcase

If you like them, be sure to visit Kore. 
According to iBride's website, Kore is the only iBride dealer in Tennessee!

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