Friday, November 23, 2012

DIY Pom Pom Cluster Ornaments à la West Elm

Are you ready to begin your Christmas crafting? Me, too! As part of my ongoing quest to recreate West Elm's holiday collection (see here and here), I spent Thanksgiving Day making my own version of West Elm's pom pom cluster ornament. I'm pleased to report that it was lots of fun, easy enough for kids to make, and extremely cheap.

If you're looking for fun diy ways to trim your tree and gifts this holiday season, try this project! It's a great way to clean out your yarn stash, and it's so mindless that you can make these while you watch Love Actually for the thirty-seventh time. I like that it has a softer, less tight and structured look than the West Elm ornaments. If you're not into diy but you love the look, buy them from Lauren at Old Red Boots' etsy shop, The Bomb Pom! Lauren offers seven color choices, and I think she makes a bigger, better pom than West Elm.

One big ball of yarn ($3.49)
Brown craft twine ($1.00)

Start by making a big handful of yarn pom poms using the fork method. Eskimimi's tutorial is perfect; I recommend using it.
Follow her instructions exactly, except tie your pom poms together using an 8 inch long piece of yarn, and don't cut the tails off of it


  1. wow, i've never seen the fork method, i'll have to try it! i love how pom poms look everywhere for the holidays! i made a wreath last year, maybe i need to do ornaments this year!

  2. Agreed. Lauren's poms are so rounded and uniform. I remember making them when I was wee and they never looked that good. I will be giving this a try!


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