Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Etsy Artist Spotlight: Elaina Louise Studios

A while back I mentioned a beautiful hot air balloon necklace by Elaina Louise Studios that caught my eye. I'm glad to announce that they're now offering more hot air balloon jewelry, along with many other new beautiful baubles. I love that their jewelry subtly suggests steampunk, pirate, fairy, and classic art motifs without looking like over the top novelty items. At first glance, you see a cool pendant. Look closer, and you realize you're looking at a tiny Da Vinci sketch encased in glass! And the warm copper metal they use on so many of their pieces is so pretty for fall. Right now, ElainaLouise Studios is kindly offering Librarian Tells All readers free shipping--just use the code ELSFREESHIP when you place your order.

Alexandrite teardrop earrings. That gorgeous antique industrial metalwork makes these so special.
WHERE AM I? Wire wrapped compass pendant
Black Pearl Teardrop Earrings with Orange Glass. It's Girl with a Pearl Earring, grunge style?
Charm Necklace with Labradorite, Leaves, and a Black Pearl - ERMAGHERD I love labradorite!
Amber Glass Hot Air Balloon Earrings. Up, up, and away!

Turquoise earrings with copper filagree - If vintage globes jumped off your bookshelf and onto your ears, AMIRITE?

"We wants it, we needs it.
Must have the precious!"


  1. Thank you Jen!
    Elaina Louise Studios

    1. You're welcome--I'm always glad to share beautiful, handmade items!


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