Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Live Here: Black, White and Blue Bathroom with Butterflies. And Gary Oldman.

When I bought my place, my goal was to create a relaxing, spalike bathroom with a modern-reimagines-vintage look and minimal clutter. This is definitely the room I've done the most work on in the last five years! Originally it had white walls, sadly stained white square tile in the shower, and a gross, warped, slightly squishy hardwood floor. Who puts hardwood flooring in a bathroom?! I put in a black granite floor with a white marble threshold at the entrance, shiny white subway tile with subtle black trim, and a new toilet. Oh, and I painted the room blue. GO ME! I totally love it now.

Since my bathroom is practically the size of a phone booth, these are my rules:
1. Use closed storage. I know open cabinets are trendy, but I don't think grooming products make a pleasant display. I definitely don't want to go all OCD and arrange my hair stuff and skin potions on a shelf and, like, put the Listerine in a crystal carafe. I want to chuck 'em in the medicine cabinet after I get ready and go to work!
2. MINIMALISM. MINIMALISM. MINIMALISM. I don't know how some women can afford 17 shampoos and 9 skin primers and 60 bazillion lip glosses! Seriously, how do y'all pay the phone bill? And where do you put it all?! I'd rather buy less stuff, deal with fewer things in the bathroom, and have more money to do other things.
3. Have a picture of Gary Oldman in the bathroom at all times. Just because. This is by far the most important rule.

You're lurkin' my stuff and you like what you see? Here are sources:
Medicine Cabinet - Target
Bath Mat - World Market

I made some good choices, and I made some bad choices.

A word about grout: I'm glad we used gray grout on the subway tile.
It makes the shape and size of the tile slightly more prominent.

A word about black granite flooring: IT ALWAYS LOOKS DIRTY. If you have a live-in housekeeper and wear
the Hope diamond on your pinky, then go for it. But next time, I'll choose something more low-maintenance.
However, I LOVE the marble threshold. Now I want one at the entrance to every room!
This concludes our admittedly weird episode of Lurk Jen's Bathroom.
What do you like about your own bathroom? What would you change?


  1. So gorgeous! You nailed the spa-like feel (the minimalism surely contributes to that).

    1. Thank you!! The minimalism is just a byproduct of not having a huge beauty budget, but hey... it works! :)

  2. Jen, it's Jen! I'm looking forward to redoing our bathroom. It looks just like yours (uh, maybe before the remodel?). I'm hoping to do tile above tub walls, just like yours. Gray grout because it hides stains, right?! I wasn't sure if that would look good, but upon seeing yours, I'm very encouraged. THANKS!

    1. Haha, hello and nice to meet you, Jen. I definitely recommend the gray grout. It's low maintenance, and I really like the way it shows off the shape of the subway tile. Good luck with your remodel!


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